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 +====== Blackwell Militia ======
 +Shortly after Blackwell received the bad news that Covian aid was being withdrawn, the Sheriff at the time, [[characters:​hemrodskagrin|Hemrod Skagrin]], declared the formation of the Altmere Regional Guard. To lead the guard, he appointed [[characters:​craystorrake|Craystor Rake]] as Captain.
 +===== Current Positions =====
 +[[characters:​craystorrake|Craystor Rake]], Captain\\
 +[[characters:​dereklumbar|Derek Lumbar]], Drill Sergeant\\
 +[[characters:​zanven_tarmikos|Zanven Tarmikos]], Militia (deceased)\\
 +[[characters:​zandark_thorpe|Zandark Thorpe]], Militia Scout
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