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Character Creation

Character Concept

Acceptable character races are human and elf. It's encouraged to give your character a first and last name. If both names don't fit in the character creation box, let a GM know your choice of name after character creation.

While you are free to play your character as you wish, understand that actions have consequences. Do not expect your thief, murderer or Guardian worshipper to have a long life expectancy.

In the Baronship of Cove, you had a mostly fixed choice between civilian and military, and were somewhat constrained to whichever role you picked. Here, there are no fixed institutions except what the players themselves create, so rather than making a character to fill a specific role, you should make a character that you are happy with on the character's own merit. They will find their place soon enough, whether that's as a busy merchant, a hard working crafter or farmer, a brave warrior, or a greedy political schemer.

Character Details

  • Age
  • Appearance
  • Marketable skills (“None” is an acceptable answer, for those looking for a struggle)
  • Hobbies
  • Ambitions
  • Where did they come from? Given the setting, this is a slightly more difficult question to answer. Much of the world is overrun by zombies, and people would be hesitant to leave the safety of a larger city's walls to risk the journey to a small village. The majority of characters on the shard were either long term inhabitants of the village, or have recently arrived from the south, seeking safety away from the larger population centres.

Starting Skills

When creating a character on Project Brains, it is best to base your skill selections on your character's history and hobbies. Variety is encouraged, and we'd much prefer you avoided trying to pick a template simply to be the best at PvP.

When your character is created, they will have several scrolls in their packs. These can be used to allocate starting skills. See the skill gain section for more information.

While you CAN pick magic skills as starting skills, bear in mind that magic is unusual and untrusted in this setting, and your character may not be able to use their talents openly. See the magery page for more information.

Starting Gold

Players will start with gold totalling a random number between 1 and 100, multiplied by 5.

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