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 +====== Althalus Khalorson ======
 +**Age:** 29\\
 +**Hight:** 6'​3"​\\
 +**Skills:** Taming and tending to animals\\
 +**Hobbies:​** Playing Music, relaxing peacefully
 +Raised by his grandfather who he is named for, on a small farmstead on the outskirts of cove Althalus learned the ways of handling and charming all animals at the stable at the farm. In these early Idyllic years the young Althalus would often spend his time in the fields watching over the herds or sat in the barn playing his penny whistle which has grown over the years to a passion for music. Now somewhat more bitter since the loss of his family to the crawling dead Althalus is  turning his mind to the future and the building up of the remaining community.
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