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 +====== Arthur Stafford ======
 +**Age:** 34\\
 +**Hobbies:​** Fishing, Sailing, Competitive Fencing\\
 +**Skills:** Shipbuilding,​ Cartography,​ Fishing, Cooking, Navigation, Sailing, Mathematics\\
 +**Occupation:​** Shipwright
 +Son to the deceased Leo Stafford, he inherited his fathers shipyard and the small fortune that came with it. He experienced a brief period of wealthiness in between outbreaks but the money he earned has since been squandered on liquor and luxurious spending. With the recent outbreak his shipyard is almost stagnant, leaving him without work. As a result, he has been spending much of his time isolated from the rest of town, idle wasting his days away or drinking excessively. From his isolation and heavy drinking he's developed a dependance on alcohol and a moderate case of depression. Only recently has he come out of his hole and reluctantly began interacting with others.
 +He is now dead.
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