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 +The story of Brother Aron (Aron Crowell)
 +Aron was born and raised in Spiritwood. Was brought up on tales of heroes and villains by his father who
 +worked as a blacksmith in Spiritwood.
 +Aron soon learned about the old Orders of Knights that had excisted long ago.
 +He was facinated about how brave they all was to protect the people against evil that excisted in the world.
 +Aron was alowed into the militia academy to learn basic combat and his father teached him a bit about mining
 +and how to do blacksmith so he could one day create his own armor and weapon.
 +Aron was eager to learn all of this and was soon accepted as a guard at Spiritwood. ​
 +Trade caravans was the best way to travel, as they provided with protection and helped with supplies.
 +One day Aron decided to work as  guard to protect one of the caravans that eventually lead to Blackwater.
 +Blackwater was well known for its problem with undead attacks but stood valiantly against the darkness.
 +Aron hoped to be able to help this village against its evil as it was his chance to learn more about the world and its history.
 +A few days past, Aron learned about the Church and started to read about the old knights that used to be part of the Order of Helena and their valor on the battlefield.
 +As the Order was scattered and very small. Aron asked Father Erik to be part of this Order.
 +Brother Aron now works at the church as an iniate, learning about the history of the village, the church and its people.
 +Days pass as Brother Aron does his duties at the church, little does he know of the part he is about to play in the events that is about to unfold...
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