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Elisa Dorain

Name: Elisa (Eli) Dorain Age: 18 Height: 5'4“

Dark honey brown hair that falls to her shoulders, and sometimes covers her eyes. The eyes a Chocolate brown and a very unsure look to them most times. A small slender frame that looks very petite and delicate. Most commonly seen wearing gloves to cover old scars on her hands and a long shirt to cover her scared back. A small almost whisper like voice can be barely heard when she speaks to anyone who is not Lothar.

Born and raised into a family with a older brother that she looks up to for everything, though he was the topical bossy brother growing up. Both were raised on a strict duty first rule. Both as they got older joined the local church as it's servants. Shortly after Elisa developed magic, the church people fearing Elisa captured her and locked her away in it's depths. There They tried to purify her. There she spent years under the church's control. Elisa now fearing everyone that looked at her and tries to hide away from the world, Lothar made a deal with the church then. Both made a oath, that Lothar would take full and utter responsibility for the life of Elisa as overseer and executioner if she turns rouge. Later both would break off from the Church and turn to roaming pilgrims.

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