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 +====== Finn Herrik ======
 +Born in the area of Blackwell Finn Herrik has never seen much beyond the walls and surrounding forests, his parents told him of a time when people weren'​t confined in villages and people moved around more freely even a time before the great plague that gave birth to what he refers to as "​shamblers"​. ​ This gave rise to his wanderlust, Finn wishes nothing more than to see the world like people were able to in the old days. He believes that some day he'll be able to leave the village of Blackwell and see the world and he works everyday to try to make it a reality. ​ In the years following his parents death Finn took odd jobs and became a jack of all trades but master of none, he's able to cobbler together a decent inside the walls but rises at the chance to leave. Due to how he's had to live Finn is a rather honest and sensible man, it also means he had no reason to believe in a faith and finds the idea of prayer and church superfluous.
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