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 +====== Hew Phella ======
 +In his prime, at 6'​1"​ and 25 years of age, Hew was a quiet man used to living much of his life in hunting shacks following the animals he uses for leather to make his goods and wintering at a small farmstead on the outskirts of the Covian land. When he wasn't working with leather, he would occupy himself with general tinkering, and the occasional jigsaw puzzle.
 +Having found his hunting grounds pushed back and back by the walking dead, he finally came to Blackwell, the point from which he would retreat no further. He stood firm, making a stand against the dead and seeking vengeance for his murdered and risen again friends.
 +//Things have changed since then...//
 +Upon looking closely at this figure you can see one eye-socket has a glowing baleful glare that stares out from the depths of the skull, the other looks to be damaged with the mangled remains of a gold coin lodged in it. Standing at six feet tall this imposing figure has pasty white skin that is cold to the touch and a slightly unpleasant smell like meat that is just starting to turn.
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