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 +====== House Keres ======
 +The name Keres first appears on the mainland in Covian immigration records dating to roughly a century ago, when Torrak, the eldest son of Dagger Isle natives Catherine and Alaric Keres, entered that city. Though the archives have since been subject to considerable damage and neglect, the surviving records indicate that Torrak enlisted in the Covian Army, serving with distinction in both the Border Wars and the Vesperian Civil War, earning the rank of Grenadier Sergeant by the end of the latter conflict. As an officer of the Baron'​s Own Grenadier Regiment, he was generously compensated for his service over the next few years, and commissioned the building of a small homestead in the province of Altmere. Content with a simple and rustic lifestyle, Torrak gradually accumulated a small fortune in savings, and further promotions only compounded this. He eventually rose to Commander of the Covian Army.
 +As a result of Torrak'​s success, all six of his younger siblings gradually migrated to the mainland and settled in Cove. As more and more of the family migrated to Cove, the Keres Homestead gradually grew into a major estate, and distinctive service in the army by all but two of the siblings guaranteed them a comfortable degree of wealth and influence. So it was that when the ruling Baron, Octiovus von Richter, retired without naming an heir, Torrak was selected as interim Steward until a new Baron could be chosen from the nobility. This elevated the family to the status of minor nobility, and, combined with the insistence of Keres women on retaining the Keres name for themselves and their children, guaranteed that the House of Keres quickly became one of the largest and most influential extended families in the region. ​
 +Since the Great Plague, the influence of the Keres family has diminished considerably. Though the main line still holds sway in Cove's central provinces and the majority of its members survived the plague, the family is largely scattered and their noble titles forgotten, lost, or rendered meaningless. The family homestead and estate lies in ruins, having been abandoned in the face of undead invasion. The fates of the founding members and their descendants vary, but the Kereses are nothing if not resourceful. The Keres family has always had a knack for surviving hardship, and this is no less true today.
 +===== Members =====
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