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 +====== House Melior ======
 +The Meliors were a northern family, spread in the cities of Cove, Vesper and Minoc. The two most fame members of this family however have been Ilyana and Leanne. Ilyana was a powerful, although not quite sane, arcanist, who fought amongst many battles against the Altmerian rebells, traitorous Covians and many more. She eventually became Corporal of the Covian army and thus gaining more influence, which not always turned out to be in folks interest. However, shortly after the Plague spread amongst Yew, she died due to illness and passed away.
 +On the other hand, Leanne was a spy and less interested in being noticed. As Ilyana died and her lover Elizabeth "​Pickles"​ Martin was captured by drows, there was nothing that kept her in Cove and she set out on a quest to free her beloved one from the fangs of these dark creatures. She eventually was able to free, but only because she offered herself to one of the rivaled drow groups. Years passed and both managed to free theirselves. However, as they returned to the mainlands, the Plague already consumed most of the lands.
 +They settled down in an encampment near Trinsic, unable to return to Cove after Leanne'​s desertation. Not being able to have children by nature, they raised an orphant, who eventually married a young lass later and give birth to Erjana.
 +===== Members =====
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