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 +====== Jake Jeckel ======
 +**Age:** 26\\
 +**Hight:** 6'​2"​\\
 +**Skills:** Fighting and Treasure Hunting\\
 +**Hobbies:​** Fightin'​ Round the World
 +An energetic and cheerful guy, Jake is easy going and friendly with a rugged sort of handsomeness about him and a carefree attitude that often sees him bashing skulls with a grin, smiling into the face of danger and outright laughing in the face of death.
 +Whilst this carefree attitude seems that it should have gotten Jake killed long since somehow he is still around and can often be found stroking any local cats and flirting with the local women, which sometime gets him into just as much if not more trouble than his treasure hunting!
 +Born on a flotilla of old ships tied together adrift at sea he signed up as a cabin boy early and learned to make himself useful with his nimble fingers and was taught charts by an old sea dog. 
 +Living at sea for many happy years Jake suddenly found himself ashore south of cove when the hamlet his crew put in at for supplies was overrun and the first mate took the ship out to save the crew still on board.
 +Now he travels the land looking for a crew to join or at least a shipwright to make him a new ship
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