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Kayin Draven

Age : 19

Height: 5'8 ( 173cm )

Weight: 138 lbs ( 63kg )


Before you stand a human male of average height, with sharp handsome features and a graceful build. He has a long blond hair, brown skin and ocean blue eyes.

He often wears a darkened coloured leather armor, a fine sewn tunic and a dark cloak with golden borders – and he wields a sharpened rapier. (kryss)

Charming, kind and polite are three words that describe Kayin's personality well – but not merely as much as greedy, cunning and egoistic. Kayin likes to use his cunning and wits – letting people hear what they wanna hear to put himself in a favourable position.

History / Ambitions.

Born and raised in within the walls of the village of Blackwell. Kayin's mother, Leona Draven, died shortly after giving birth. His father, Jonathan, worked as a town physician, being able to tend to wounds and make remedy potions – alas unable to save his dying wife, he blamed Kayin for her death. Having studied his father during his work at home, every time Kayin's father went to work, he used his fathers herbs and ingredients to try to mix and match together different potions. Early in his youth, Kayin learned that he had a natural talent for alchemy.

Not having a good father-son relationship lead both Kayin and Jonathan into a lot of heated discussions and fights. One night, when Jonathan was out gather herbs, Kayin snuck up and stabbed his own father in the back with his favourite weapon, «Sofia», a rapier he keeps poisoned most of the time for most needed situations. Kayin dragged his father's dead body further into the woods, leaving him there as a snack for the wolves. Jonathan's body was never found – and he was declared dead.

After gathering all of his fathers possessions – Kayin, still young of age, was adopted. Living for a few years with a locksmith and his wife, training and working as a locksmith with his foster-father, Kayin now decided it was time to move out and try to make a living of his own. Recently having heard rumors about treasure maps – and large amount of wealth being found within the swamps around Blackwell has put Kayin on a hot pursuit for it.

Kayin's lust for wealth and power is great – and he can be quite ruthless, even cruel when he is in pursuit of his goals.

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