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 +====== Krokus ======
 +Standing at a average 5 foot 11 with a slight paunch his limbed walk leaves little to the imagination that this individual male is past his prime. With baldness already cascading his exterior he at least prides himself a little on a slightly groomed beard, however with the plague and lack of stylist this as well as many other things is slowly deteriorating. Seems his hands are covered in blisters and a slight sulphuric residue, quite a puzzle why that is there.
 +As with others, his background is a bit shifty, having to survive the plague he had to do some deeds which perhaps can be construed as sinister or wrong, but as always the fittest will survive. With a background in general banking and gem appraisal you will often see this elderly man sat in a corner tinkering away with a what not and whats it.
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