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Meriel Kelling

Name: Meriel Kelling Age: 22 Height: 5'6“

Dark red or maroon hair, about mid back in length commonly seen in a loose ponytail. Dark green emerald eyes with flakes of copper around the iris. Her personalty changes on the situation, most outside views see she has a charming and easy going personalty. Inside and rarely seen are a calm calculating mind, as she tries to achieve her hidden purpose by using feminine wiles.

Born and raised in a settlement outside Cove, the settling was sent a messenger that Cove was withdrawing support and closing it's walls to the village. Nights later the sickness reached them in the form of a hunter that turned attacking everyone, Meriel's Mother was one of the victims before it was slain. The leader called a meeting and tried to form a plan. Meriel was the first to come forward about seeking outside help, two others when with her. Only Meriel was able to make it to Blackwell. Meriel is still troubled by this event, scared by watching her friends die. Promising revenge to any undead she encounters. She doesn't know if anyone back home is still alive and would rather not talk about this, as she believes there is no one left.

She is now the one thing she hates most.

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