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 ====== Naomi Avius ====== ====== Naomi Avius ======
 +Naomi was part of a fourteen man squad sent out to fortify the north and build a blockade in hopes of slowing down the flow of the plague into this area. She watched as her friends, even her brother fall to the onslaughts of undead and relentless attacks. She doesn'​t know if Britain is still standing, she had orders to make sure nothing comes in or out of this area. As the last standing of her squad she knows whats at risk if the blockade shall fall. Naomi her self is around 5'​8",​ she looks around mid to late twenties (27). Mid-back scarlet red hair that's usually in a tight ponytail to keep it out of the way, and thoughtful pale grey green eyes watch you. Naomi tends to wear a hard shell around herself to try and block out the events around her, and may seem heartless at times of duty first. But under that mask and away from work, she's almost playful. When duty calls though she quickly fall's back into that mind set.
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