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 +====== Reinhard Fruehauf ======
 +A reasonably tall, blond man in his early thirties, he has the muscles and slight belly of someone who bashes bread every day, but not that of a soldier at the height of training. He, oddly for a villager, has the same accent as a well-spoken Brittanian, as though he tries a bit too hard to enunciate everything.
 +Reinhard is the Blackwell-born son of the previous village baker, Dietrich Fruehauf, who moved to Blackwell after his previous residence had been ravaged. Unfortunately,​ Dietrich was taken a few years ago by an illness, exacerbated by the cold, winter breeze. Reinhard worked as an apprentice under his father in his youth, and is very proud of the little bakery, as well as holding pride in the quality of his produce. Reinhard is deeply into his baking, and hopes to uphold his father'​s legacy. He treats baking as an art form, and constantly experiments,​ enjoying short strolls around the outskirts of the village to gain inspiration,​ though wary of the dangers out there.
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