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 +====== Rowan Grey [DEAD] ======
 +**Age:** 25\\
 +**Skills:** Basic Weapon Use, Bludgeoning,​ Shield Use, Basic Formations & Tactics, Basic First Aid\\
 +**Occupation:​** Currently Unemployed
 +Hailing originally from Britain where he was a low ranking guard, he has since turned up as a stranger in Blackwell. During the recent outbreak, the British nobility sought shelter within the cities walls, leaving common folk and low ranking guardsmen to fend for themselves. Seeing no hope within Britain, he deserted his post and made for the road. After traveling several days he engaged in sporadic combat, losing much of the gear he brought with him. Arriving at Blackwell with a dwindling supply of food he quickly found refuge within it's walls and began to seek sanctuary with it's villagers. He has no allegiance and few if any, remaining ties to Britain.
 +He was killed by an undead. His corpse was burnt.
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