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 +====== Serena Blackwell ======
 +Serena Blackwell is an acolyte in the Order of Saint Celestine, the Church of Cove's military wing. A member of the noble family that founded Blackwell and gave it its name, she was guaranteed a life of comfort and affluence - until the plague struck, and the undead began attacking. Most of the family'​s men were recalled to Cove for service in the Army, and the plague took its toll on the family as a whole. When all was said and done, Serena was the only surviving member of the Blackwell line, orphaned at an early age like so many others in these dark times. Because of her noble background and large inheritance,​ she was taken in by Father Erik, the Templar Preceptor in charge of the village'​s chapel, and spent the next fifteen years studying and training as a Templar. ​
 +Today, Serena is a twenty-five year old woman with grey eyes, whose dirty blonde hair is cut to roughly shoulder length and tied back into a small ponytail. She stands at roughly 5'​8",​ and has the athletic build one would expect of a professional warrior. She is most commonly seen wearing a plain monk's robe, worn sandals, and a heavy belt with many pouches. While this might make her appear to be a simple cleric, the jingling of the chainmail tunic she wears beneath her robe quickly dispels this misconception - she is always armed and armored, but chooses not to wear her full Templar armor in order to avoid frightening or intimidating the townsfolk unnecessarily. ​
 +Long ago, the Templars wielded authority second only to that of the Baron himself. They ruled almost exclusively through fear, using the threat of being declared a heretic or witch and burnt at the stake to maintain their control over the populace. While their motive was the defense of the common man from the corrupting and destructive influence of the Guardian, their harsh methods earned them many enemies even among the faithful. So it was that, when the plague struck, and the great hordes of undead began their assault on the great nations of the world, the Templars called for a great crusade - and were answered with a scant handful of volunteers. The subsequent crusade was a disaster, and the vast majority of both the Covian and Yewish branches of the Templars perished. As such, Serena finds herself one of the last members of a dying order, and takes a much softer and more benevolent approach to her role.
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