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Zanven Tarmikos

Age: 17

Height: 6'7 (2.01cm)

Weight: 242 (110kg)

Spoken languages: Common, Orchish


Before you stands a young, tall and well-built Half Orc. With grayish skin, jutting jaws, prominent teeth and a sloping forehead. His eyes are coloured yellow, with a small scar over his left sided eye. With an honorable and friendly look upon his face – with a proud and well spoken tone to his voice – Zanven stands out from most other half-orcs.


Born and raised in the Iron Heart tribe, located south of the city of Trinsic. Small of size and lack of adventure opportunites in the clan, a young and eager Zanven – wanting to prove himself as a young member of the tribe, left his kin after spending 15 winters/summers with them.

Zanven's first destination was to get to Trinsic. Trinsic being a city of great size and importance, the young half-orc was sure that his tales of great adventures would begin here. Disrespected and looked down upon because of his orchish heritage, the life in Trinsic was far from grand. To make a living Zanven had to work as both a lumberjacker, providing the local carpentrer with wood – and an errand boy for a blacksmith. In return, not only as coinage payment, the blacksmith let Zanven train with some of the crafted weapons.

One day during Zanven's time off from duties, one of the blacksmiths customers, Donovan - who also happend to be a paladin, noticed Zanven training against a practice dummy. Taking interest in the young half-orc, Donovan offered Zanven sparring and training. Impressed by the kind and open-minded human, Zanven gladly accepted.

A couple of months later – a merchant was seeking hired muscle as guards for his caravan. The caravan was first heading to Britain – then to the village of Blackwell. Knowing about Zanven's lust for adventure, Donovan vouched for him as a trusted and skilled fighter. Regardless of the merchants first distrust, he accepted.


Impressed at a young age by a noble and kind-hearted paladin in the city of Trinsic –Zanven believes in a good and friendly way of living. Born within his tribe with his fellow orcs and humans, far from wealth and noblehood – Zanven still dreams of one day becoming a Knight himself and joining an order of Paladins.

After living and working besides humans not from his tribe, Zanven has felt their distrust and misjudgement. Although now with better control over his orchish temper and good learnings from Donovan – Zanven's trust and faith in humans has been restored.

«Do not judge to quickly, my good friend. Everybody deserves a chance to prove themselves.»

After failing to control his orchish rage - Zanven went into berserk and attacked two of the citizens of Blackwell. He was sentenced to death.

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