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The Defiled

Soul corrupted, flesh stripped away, they are not what they once were. They are the defiled, and they serve only evil.

Playing as an undead allows you to provide an intelligent antagonist to the players. The actions of the defiled are guided and defined by the game mechanics, enabling more balanced and spontaneous play than can be achieved with GM interaction.

As undead minions, the defiled can pass peacefully among other undead minions such as zombies and ghosts. They do not tire, or feel pain, but for reasons not entirely clear, they are highly susceptible to silver weapons.

The Defiled Shrine

The Defiled Shrine is the centre of undead activity. The shrine is where the defiled commune with the Guardian, and where they recieve rewards for their dedication and the evil that they have wrought upon the world.

It is also where defeated undead may be brought back to un-life.


Your contributions to enacting the will of the Guardian are quantified by evil points (EP). You can gain EP through general play, by hunting animals or humans (most profitably players, or animals that are useful to humans), or you can be awarded EP through individual prowess during events led by an undead GM character. These points can be spent on a variety of rewards, as well as undead powers such as necromancy and spirit speak.

Even the undead need supplies, so EP can be gained by depositing items such as certain weapons or body parts in special resource chests.


As an undead minion, the Guardian grants you access to powers chanelled from the life force of others. Like all things undead, these powers can be accessed once you have accumulated the EP required to be granted a book and the appropriate scroll. These are powers granted by the Guardian rather than herbalism, so they cost no reagents but instead cost EP equal to the mana cost.


The undead have had their flesh stripped away, and their organs are decaying and torn. They cannot benefit from human healing techniques such as bandages and potions, but they can instead channel the life force of nearby corpses, or if no corpses are nearby, channel from the spirits at a cost of 10EP.

Unlike humans, undead do not have injury points, but they have a limited amount of favour from the Guardian. Fail him too many times in a short period, and he may cease to reanimate your body. Favour is lost in the same way that injury points are gained, and can be restored at the Defiled Shrine at a rate of 10EP per point. Unlike injury points, favour will not restore naturally over time. The Guardian expects you to work for the power he grants you!

The advantage to these bodily changes is that they are no longer affected by the first two levels of poison.

Additional play guidelines for the defiled

See the rules page.

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