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The village was founded sometime before Cove gained its independence from Vesper, growing up adjacent to a plantation owned by George Blackwell, from whom the village takes its name. As members of the lesser nobility, the Blackwell family was in a constant struggle with the family holding the County title, the Falconbergs. However, the Blackwells were never able to displace their rivals, and their village suffered the neglect of the Count as a result. So it was that when the rebel Baron of Cove began his conquest of Altmere, the village - and house - of Blackwell readily pledged their support and drove the royalists from the region.

In the years that followed, Blackwell was heavily fortified for use as a bastion against royalist invasion via nearby Britain. A large detachment of Covian soldiers was quartered in the village, and Covian engineers constructed a small harbor through which to import supplies. However, Cove proved unable to provide peace, and Blackwell was dragged into many wars against Royalists, Vesperians, and Guardian-spawn alike. During these wars, Blackwell was repeatedly besieged, twice captured and recaptured, and burnt to the ground on at least one occasion.

Current Day

With its relative distance from major cities, Blackwell has so far survived the worst of the great plague. Not long after being abandoned by Cove, the village held a mayoral election, the winner of which was the Isaac Keres IV of House Keres.

Inside the Walls

  • Barracks
  • Blacksmith
  • Church
  • Mayor's office
  • Militia Captain's office
  • Sheriff's office
  • Shipwright
  • Tailor

The Surrounding Area

  • Farms
  • Fletcher
  • Flour Mill
  • Mines
  • Vinyard
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