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We believe that with a firm but reasonable system of permanent player death, paired with responsible participation by the players, we can greatly enhance the atmosphere of the shard.

We hope to inject a little more danger and realism into how characters are likely to respond to given situations. Previously, there has been little incentive to lose a fight. The worst that would usually happen is not winning. For the most part, the victor would simply gain the satisfaction of having won a fight, and the loser would slink off in a death robe, ready to continue their antics 30 minutes later. Rinse and repeat. This definitely resulted in a lot of good times, but rather than simply recreating Europa, we hope to experiment with something new.

Consider the case where given enough consecutive deaths in a small enough space of time, the character dies, as one would expect after such a sustained series of blows. Gargantuan beasts, previously only feared by reputation, but in reality requiring only enough repeated zergs to defeat, will strike fear.

Brigands will have to balance the risk vs. reward of marks, rather than simply doing a tour of all the cities, tormenting characters (and sometimes players) who would rather be left alone. Victims will have to decide whether their life and honour are really worth that 40 gold pieces.

Allegiances will be valued. Power will be based on true loyalty, as in a bloody and lawless world, those without people willing to die for them can hardly claim to have power over those with 10 armed thugs happy to do their bidding. This will result in a much more fluid social and political landscape. Will you, the players live happily, cooperating with one another, or will the greedy attempt to rise to the top, through force or deception?

Diplomacy, murder, plots, assassinations and intrigue will have a real effect, rather than being cornerstones of an ultimately scripted series of events, subordinate to the established setting.

Technical Details

A player starts with 0 injury points. They may receive up to 30 injury points, after which the character is considered to be dead, and can no longer be resurrected. However, over time (except when logged out) the character's injury points steadily drop back down to 0.

Healing can be sped up by seeking out an accomplished healer and having them use a medkit on you.

Injury Points From Players

Outside of training zones, where no points are gained, the number of points gained depends on the weapon that was used to kill you. The following numbers are subject to change, but are suitable to illustrate the range of values you can expect.

  WEAPON     |     POINTS
  Fists      |     0
  Club       |     5
  Longsword  |     8
  Crossbow   |     8

Injury Points From Monsters/Pets

By monster or the pet of another player, the number of points gained scales depending on the strength of what killed you. The maximum fame value a monster can have is 24000. The number of points you get from any monster is calculated as:

  30 * (monsterFame / 24000)

Checking Your Status

You can check the injury status of yourself or another player by using the anatomy skill on them.

After Death

After the death of your character, they can no longer be resurrected. The fate of their estates is left up to the other characters. They shall be mourned.

“But what about me? I worked hard to raise that character's skills, and now they're gone. I don't want to do that again!”

To soften the blow of losing a character (and indeed, encourage it when it makes for good RP), characters made to replace the deceased may start with 70% (this is a guideline, and ultimately up to GM discretion) of the stat/skill totals of the deceased character. To ensure that you get these skills, be sure not to delete the dead character before we get a chance to verify their skills!

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