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Shard Rules

It has been my aim for Project Brains to eliminate the majority of the rules that we were used to on Europa. For the most part, things that we would have been banned in the Baronship of Cove have been either removed from the game, or the circumstances that required the banning of a particular game feature no longer exist. As a result, you are free to assume that if something is possible within Project Brains' game mechanics, it is allowed. However, we may have missed some things, so expect rules and mechanics to be tweaked as time goes on.

The remaining law of the land basically boils down to the following: be excellent to each other.

Basic Conduct

  • Use common sense and respect your fellow roleplayer.
  • Stay in character at all times. All out of character talk is to be kept to party chat or some other medium. Do not talk OOC (even in brackets) unless it's an emergency.
  • All complaints, grievances or any other issues must be forwarded to Project Brains staff. Do not take matters into your own hands.
  • No OOC abusive language or insults.
  • No unattended macroing. The penalty for being caught unattended macroing a skill is to have that skill reset to 0. You have been warned!
  • Players may have up to two human characters and one undead character at any one time.
  • Whether you may have an undead character is up to GM discretion, as we must ensure balance between good and evil.
  • If you are lucky enough to own a house, you are encouraged to keep a yellow chest for other players to steal from. If you have broken into somebody's house, you should only steal from the yellow chest.

Combat Rules

  • Give warning before attacking another character to ensure they are logged in.
  • If you fall in PvP, you must remain in your death robe for 30 minutes and RP being appropriately injured.
  • You must not attack other players while in the death robe, nor can you attack players who are injured.
  • Do not force people to PvP; always give an alternative (such as being taken prisoner, giving up their gold or fleeing). Conversely, if you do not wish to engage in PvP, it is wise to comply to your attacker's demands or run away. Don't stand defiantly insulting them and then complain when they attack you.
  • Make sure fallen characters (enemies too) are resurrected in a timely manner and allowed to loot their bodies.

Defiled Rules

These rules apply to characters playing as the Defiled.

  • When defeated in PvP, you may not engage in PvP again for 6 hours.
  • When defeated in PvP, your corpse is forfeit. You should return to the defiled shrine for resurrection.
  • You may only attack the main portion of a settlement (e.g. within the main walls of Blackwell) once every 24 hours.
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