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#1 In Character Board » The Charter of Blackwell's Merchant Association: » 2013-08-14 00:00:41

Jarvis Miller
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*This poster is placed in prominent places around town*

Friends and fellow citizens,

In this time of uncertainty and doubt making a living as a common trader, artisan and craftsman is hard. There are those within our fair town that seek to deprive of us our fair pay for fair work. In response to this, a brave few have banded together to form the Blackwell's Merchant Association seeking to keep food on the table and the wheels of industry turning. I invite craftsmen of all stripes to join us in this endeavour.


The Crafter's Code:

- The craftsmen of Blackwell hereby agree to follow the price guidelines set out at our first meeting. If you are unhappy with these pricings, any member may speak out at our annual meeting and adjust prices as the market changes. Non-members have no say in setting prices.

- Craftsmen agree to sell at the listed prices. Those selling at below or vastly above the listed prices will be subject to BLACKLISTING. Members of The Association will no longer trade goods or services with those who are blacklisted.

- Craftsmen will not knowingly handle or craft with stolen goods, or profit in any way from theft. Those failing to adhere to this code will be BLACKLISTED from The Association.

Those wishing to join may sign their names below. Together, we can create a more prosperous Blackwell.


Jarvis Miller

#2 Re: In Character Board » A note pinned to the factory door » 2013-08-04 23:34:39

Mr. Haynes,

Come find me and we'll have a chat about drawing you up a contract.


Jarvis Miller

#3 Re: In Character Board » An Order » 2013-07-29 20:24:17

I could do that for ye, laddy.


Jarvis Miller

#5 Re: Out Of Character Board » Feature Requests » 2013-07-23 13:42:18

I think we have to look upon this as a double edged sword. Yes, it is irritating that the exceptional chance is so low - it took me literally twenty attempts to make an exceptional platemail gorget for Gael and that was at GM. I think the success chance should be raised a little, but on the other hand that does mean that people who've worked hard to become GM do get something for it, and people with lower skill levels can't just suddenly produce exceptional gear just as easily.

#6 Re: Out Of Character Board » Feature Requests » 2013-07-20 15:38:38

I sort of sympathise with the sentiment that everyone wants a house, but it's going to get pretty crowded - also a GM has to sit there and make them all, not very fun for them. That's why part of the new factory I'm building is going to be turned over to storage space and small workshops inside for those who can't afford it, which will be guarded by characters IC as well as locks.

If we were going to make housing more widely accessible, I'd actually go back to the system UO had before AoS where you just got a deed for a generic building which you couldn't customise. That'd be very easy to control, and it'd give people easy goals (i.e. small house, bigger house, castle.. etc)

EDIT: Here is the full list of pre-builds


Add a resource cost and maybe take a 1/2 to a 1/3 off the gold prices, and that'd be fairly servicable.

#8 In Character Board » The tale of Jarvis Miller: » 2013-07-19 12:56:23

Jarvis Miller
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*OOC Note - unless you have been told IC, you would be unaware of any of the details listed within this post.*

Chapter 1: Eating a slice of humble pie

Graceful loser. Those are two words that had never entered Jarvis' vocabulary, and it certainly showed. He gritted his teeth and clenched his fist as the mayoral election results were read out. It was a crushing defeat for him and his hopes. Sure, he'd beaten the rest of the pack barring Isaac Keres, but in elections as in life... there's no prize for second place. Some from the crowd urged him to fight on; but his rage had already gotten the better of him. How could he lose to that snot-nosed city slicker? Were people so stupid they'd vote for their betters? After all that gold he'd offered them too... ungrateful bastards. These thoughts rushed through his mind as he launched into an explosive rant on-stage melt down, denouncing Isaac Keres, taxes, and everyone else who was unfortunate enough to be in the vicinity. The noise of the crowd and the announcements melted into a low buzz in his ears as he stormed away from the stage, throwing open the door to the smithy and launching a table full of armour onto the floor in a rage. The armour fell to the ground with a clatter of steel as his rage slowly subsided, and he consigned himself to slumping into his chair, awaiting his fate...

It didn't take long to materialise. The local militia goons barged in, ready to shake him down as he full well knew they would. The militia Captain spoke with a mixture of arrogance and menace, backed up by his deputy "you know how it works smith, if you'd have won I'd be visiting the lawyer right now." True enough, but that didn't help the situation for Jarvis right now. All he could do was listen up and throw in an occasional word of defiance. The message was simple - pay up and play ball, renounce any claims and don't cause any trouble. And if that wasn't to Jarvis' liking, well... accidents can always happen, especially in a dangerous place like Blackwell, and especially to flamable smithy shops. The local muscle made their exit, and Jarvis let out a sigh of relief. He'd wanted to become mayor - instead he'd become an outlaw. Funny how life works, ain't it?

The next few days were spent mostly hauled up in the blacksmith shop. Door double bolted, occasionally peering out onto the porch to see if anyone was there. The few times he ventured out weren't exactly good for the nerves. As he sat drinking in the Midnight Watch, a figure appeared. "I'm looking for Miller.." he announced, causing Jarvis to turn. "Eh, well ye found him lad.." Jarvis replied, as his hand inched towards his sword hilt. "Your life is forefit!" roared the stranger, Jarvis' eyes widening in response, hand clasping the pommel of his sword, only stopped by a sudden chuckle from the would-be assassin. "Only joking! I need some armour made, though..." Heart still pounding, Jarvis mopped a bead of sweat from his brow. "Oh, aye.. of course." This was certainly no way for him to live; expecting an assassin's blade on every stroll around town and every visit to the tavern. With a heavy sigh, it dawned on Jarvis... he was going to have to swallow his pride, and fix this situation the only way he knew how; with a heavy helping of coin.

Chapter 2: Gold heals all wounds

As he made his way towards the mayor's office, he was apprehensive. This was, after all, a man he'd spent the last few weeks denouncing, haranguing, and generally insulting. Not to mention this impromptu meeting he had set up with Isaac would also be the perfect opportunity to have Jarvis "disappear." Still, this was his only shot. He'd either come out with what he wanted, or he'd come out in a coffin. The conversation was tense:


Yet he found the mayor surprisingly amenable to his idea. It was a simple one. Purchase land, and construct a new factory the likes of which Blackwell had never seen. It seemed that Jarvis' personal credo of gold above all else wasn't exactly all too uncommon in this town. A few gold coins go a long way to greasing the wheels around these parts. As he eventually left the mayor's office clutching his new deed close to his chest, it seemed the immediate problem of being murdered in his sleep had been solved, at least if the mayor was as forgive and forget as he claimed to be. Not only had Jarvis acquired the land and the go ahead, he'd acquired and erstwhile investor. Having secured back, only a small matter remained. All he had to do was construct the largest building Blackwell had seen in a generation in zombie infested lands, with no immediate labour force. It seemed easy enough.

The first order of business was to get supplies in. All Jarvis had right now was a pile of dirt and a few over priced blades of grass. Without materials, this whole scheme was going nowhere. He was a fairly competent lumberjack and an expert mason, but even with his legendary work ethic this was too much for one man to take on alone. He was going to need allies in the struggle to come...



#9 Re: In Character Board » Men and women sought! New business opportunity! » 2013-07-17 20:57:02

Fair prices now being paid for cut logs and mined stone!

Find me in my office for details!

#12 Re: In Character Board » Election Day! 13th July » 2013-07-13 16:34:18

Jarvis Miller's Ballot:

[ ] Althalus
[ ] Egbert Grouse
[] Isaac Keres
[X ] Jarvis Miller
[ ] 'Roni

#13 Re: In Character Board » Vote Miller! For a prosperous future! Free gold and free repairs! » 2013-07-08 13:28:03

Those pledging your support, list your names below!

Together, we can forge a better Blackwell!

#16 In Character Board » The bounty of Blackwell mountain: » 2013-06-03 02:32:15

Jarvis Miller
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The impending apocalypse and end of civilization as we know it may be an impediment to business for many. For Jarvis, it simply reinforced an almost religious zeal that while Avatar taketh with one hand, he giveth with the other. Residents of Blackwell may have noticed an ever more feverish pace to his activities: hurrying to and from the mountains with hardly as much as a hello, copious armfuls of ore in tow. Frustrated by the dwindling deposits of the Blackwell mines, Jarvis had headed further and yet further still into the wild and mountainous regions of Blackwell, risking peril at every turn. Initial prospecting had been discouraging, yet he persevered ever onwards.

As rain poured down on another seemingly uneventful day of hard toil, a glimmer shone out like the absent sun on this gloomy day. His pickaxe dug further into the mountain side, gold dust sprinkling onto the damp ground. He blinked questioning himself.... was this a fatigue induced mirage? He quickly redoubled his efforts, extracting more of the substance to be certain.


"GOLD! Tha'r be GOLD in these hills!" he cried out, in jubilation, before glancing around furtively. He greedily scooped up his find, rushing to the forge. This would have to be a closely guarded secret... yet, minerals alone wouldn't be enough.

Soon posters started appearing triumphantly around Blackwell, stating:




Miller's hunt for true wealth and power however, had just begun...

#17 Re: In Character Board » [TRADE] Miller's Minecraft! Fine Metal work for sale! » 2013-06-03 01:46:26

The biggest and baddest axe in all of Blackwell is ready to be collected at your leisure.


Jarvis Miller

#19 Re: Out Of Character Board » Bug Reports » 2013-05-29 20:41:53

The blacksmithy porch needs its acoustics checked. Seems like on a lot of tiles players can't hear each other, despite being a few paces away, or even next to each other. Makes roleplaying a tad difficult, unless we're all suddenly deafened by the sound of the forge! ;p

#20 In Character Board » [TRADE] Miller's Minecraft! Fine Metal work for sale! » 2013-05-29 20:38:34

Jarvis Miller
Replies: 3

Hear ye, hear ye!

In need of metalworks of any description? Tools, arms, and armour? Come and visit the finest blacksmithy this side of Minoc!

Pickaxes from as low as ten gold coins a piece, while standard weapons are a mere twenty coins! More intricate weapons and armour made on a case by case basis, always at fair prices!

A true warrior needs sturdy steel protecting him, so don't settle for leather! Visit Miller's Minecraft today!

*signed in a hurried scrawl*

Jarvis Miller

*an engraved image of the workshop is attached to the flyer, stating its location opposite the tavern*


#21 Re: General Chatter » Babble Thread! » 2013-05-22 11:39:52

It isn't on Netflix, but Mad Men is pretty sweet.

Also, the word of the day is piffle.

#22 Re: General Chatter » Babble Thread! » 2013-05-21 00:39:05

House of Cards, it's what Netflix is for!

#23 Re: Out of Character Board » Contact Methods - What do you prefer? » 2013-05-19 12:25:04

Well, seeing as Steam was set up for short gaming communications it probably seems the best candidate, as I have it on all the time anyway. IRC is also a possibility to keep everyone connected, although it's really a bit archaic now.

#24 Re: Out of Character Board » Economy » 2013-05-19 12:11:57

All your economy are belong to me.

I think the simple answer to this is you can't really put a price on gold - it's more of a barter economy at this stage. Raw materials are practically worth more than gold, and as it develops it'll be dictated by supply and demand. You don't tend to start life with a big sheet that tells you the value of your cash, you just divine it from the world around you. If someone offers you something for 20 gold, it's up to you to decide whether that's a good deal or not. The economy could change in real time, too. If a glut of carpenters suddenly join the project - the value of wooden goods would go down because of the increase in supply. I'd rather the economy developed organically in this fashion, myself.

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