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#2 Re: Other Games » My other games... » 2013-10-02 03:27:19

Yeah I'm with Haap I'm embedded in skyrim.

#3 Re: Other Games » Baldurs Gate Enhanced Edition...and Enhanced Edition 2. » 2013-09-22 23:35:12

Baldurs gate two yes I got BG1 enhance ed on my steam can't get into it I'm not usually a graphics person but can't really get past the graphics.

#4 Re: Out Of Character Board » Bug Reports » 2013-09-02 02:01:21

Worked for me a few days ago since You have to use it twice to get a beard I took the hair then wrote in a name with the beard.

#5 Re: Announcements » Latest Changes & Special Moves! » 2013-08-27 14:42:49

You seem to think everyone is an alchemist and will have access to 800 black pearls to make a keg of total refresh, as someone that actively has to hunt regs that's bull shit only people with that many regs that would use them so wrecklessly are the GM's who can spawn them in their pack, and I'm not going to say any of them are corrupt *coughkerescough* but the biggest threat is a gm using gm powers to get skills and then becoming a tool for someone *coughkerescough* and that would make the whole server suffer.

#6 Re: Announcements » Latest Changes & Special Moves! » 2013-08-27 00:47:06

A nice fix might be to give undead an extra 20-30 stamina then undead would swing a lot faster be able to deal more damage early and would make it harder to prolong fights because certainly an undead could throw a bola and just tear into anyone that tries to run.

#7 Re: Announcements » Latest Changes & Special Moves! » 2013-08-27 00:35:32

It's not impossible but cetainly hard it's hard to gain dex too I'm gm'ed three weapon skill and still have no where near enough dex
making them int base would hurt undead as well because they require int to heal unless they start dragging bodies around.

#8 Re: Out Of Character Board » Feature Requests » 2013-08-23 03:53:12

I don't know I kind of like the idea that a person can die in a tournament it adds danger to it, a tournament shouldn't be something a person walks in thinking "Nothing bad could happen to me", an accidental death at a tournament should be able to happen, I understand the intention is to draw up participation but the town isn't supposed to be a military stronghold it's regular people who have taken up arms against a plague invasion. They aren't professionals and mistakes may happen, and people should be weary about fighting for sport as livelihood depends on not being hurt.

#9 In Character Board » Remembering » 2013-08-20 18:27:38

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It was the dank hours of dawn and Finn knew he needed to leave his current location but he couldn't help it he was so close. He heard a slight crunch and looked down at a chip in the bottle, he quickly threw it at a tree. He breathed in a sigh of relief as the tree fell over with a loud crack. "Damn it, that was my last one." He couldn't help feeling a bit hopeless over the past few weeks he'd gone from a citizen to a fugitive thanks to the real criminals and that monster that paraded around as captain of the militia which was really just a few thugs framing people.

He began to think of the past before the town was abandoned completely by Cove, they still had problems but nothing like this, the shamblers were the least of his worries now, they'd become part of his daily routine he'd go out in the dark of night to get ore and smelt it to iron for his project inevitable he'd attract four or five, but he'd developed a new sword that would make quick work of them without much hassle it'd slice the head off and it'd be done. If anything his time as an outlaw had given him an abundance of free time to perfect his crafts, he remembered his first outing with his father into the mine at the age of nine, he was probably more a hindrance than help but his father never complained and continued to correct him in the use of the pick, if his father saw him now he'd roll over in his grave. Finn laughed, "At least he has the luxury of a grave."

Finns thoughts came back to the present, he had no idea why he returned, he'd made it to Britain without so much as a scratch, he'd seen the sprawling city with guarded bridges and outpost that put anything in Blackwell to shame. He'd also seen the East side of Britain left unguarded by any fortification, people walked around at night with little more than daggers just in case with guards stationed on the outskirts in armor the whole town of Blackwell wouldn't be able to afford. After two days in town Finn knew he'd be going back he didn't know why, he could have easily found work the premier blacksmiths seemed to have dozens of apprentices and he was sure they wouldn't mind another, he'd even done some of the blank work for meals while he was there, the old man was nice enough offering him a position but it didn't feel right something had nagged him. His thoughts always turned to Blackwell, he'd finally left the town but it was on the wrong terms he couldn't leave with that monster around, more people would get hurt, more people would be put on the chopping block if he weren't stopped. On his way out of Britain he met with a group heading north to find work in some of the outskirts, He'd met a healer, a carpenter, and a rather odd mage who he'd warned would probably get burned up north due to the churches influence but the man shrugged off his warning and said he'd deal with it if the time came.

Finns thoughts turned to his work as he spun a few gears he watched the sun rise cloaking both Felucca and Trammel in it's brightness before they disappeared from the sky, he finished his work and packed the kit he'd made in a bag with a few others, "I guess all those years hunting and trapping animals will finally pay off if these work", Finn Laughed knowing that with the rise of the sun he'd be heading back into the woods to find a place to hide out until night came.

#10 Re: Out Of Character Board » Feature Requests » 2013-08-19 08:30:41

On a different Note, I know some one who is more into a murderous criminal element. To the point they'd play a serial killer, while I know there is nothing against this except the fact their character would be hunted down really fast., I was wondering if we could set up a slight brigand system like that in place for undead, not armor so much as brigand reputation that would allow a brigand player to hire in npcs in the fort to fight with them. Armor and weapons would obviously need to be stolen or made by them still but something to add a bit more outside threat would be cool and it would give someone who just wanted to be a truly evil human a viable option.

#11 Re: In Character Board » 1st Armsman Tournament this Saturday! » 2013-08-14 05:19:04

I'm sure someone will get hurt in this display of aggression so I will be standing ready to clean any wounds.

~Rhett Beyer

#12 Re: Out Of Character Board » Feature Requests » 2013-08-10 23:42:54

Considering some people don't have 7 locks to pick to get at a chest (keres and your fucking SECOND TOWN), and I literally got robbed for being away from my players house for 30 minutes when my character had shit for gold in the first place, I this a bank storage system is a good idea. at least let us store some gold considering I got robbed and I'm not a freaking crafter my character doesn't make money back easily so once it's gone it's gone and there are others like that who make gold on rare occasions and otherwise have to save theirs who are basically part of the driving economy you take away buyers the sellers have no rp. Not asking for repairable armor which was part of your point asking for means to keep the economy actually working. I take that back i have 54 tinkering I can make pick axes but everyone and their mother has tinkering now.

#13 In Character Board » The Story of Boo! » 2013-08-07 16:50:00

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It had been two weeks since Finn had met The Squirrel he'd come to call "Boo". He still couldn't believe it, that a small squirrel held so much power. All he could think about is repaying the creature with kindness and trying to learn from it.

It had been a cloudy day as Finn set out from his hut the day before he'd worked the north mountain after he'd noticed the mine was getting dangerous, he dreaded the walk and it was always the same thing, He'd see a lone orc wandering the mountain side before it saw him and he'd have to put an arrow in it's head, the idea that killing a creature that was so close to human but as far from as intelligent had been dulled after the first few times and now it was more going with the motions than anything else. As he thought about this Finn decided it was time for a change, He went south of town past the brigands strong hold knowing that they'd lost a leader recently they'd be in to much disarray to bother him as he made his way to the rock face.

An hour into his work Finn heard shuffling of feet and murmurs, as he looked up he saw the group of people two women and three men all with weapons pulled out, they hadn't seen him yet but in the open field next to the rock face there would be nowhere to go. Finn knew he'd most likely die right then, he'd been hacking at the mountain for a good time and his arms were tired but he drew his damaged sword, he'd left his shield and mace at home knowing they would just burden his load when hauling back the ore to smelt behind the Inn. As the bandits approached they spotted him, with a gruff voice one of the men grunted, "Oi, e's minin' our ore, les' carve es' face boss." A slightly taller and robust man step out from behind the rest and spat on the ground as he started to speak, "Boy you just made a big mistake, I'm the executioner an' yer gonna pay fer this with yer life."

As the Executioner raised his axe Finn prepared his sword to block in a futile attempt as the sword rattled even with Finns unshaking grip. Right before the axe came down A squirrel ran down the lone great tree in the field charging at the giant hold the axe. The squirrel climbed up the mans leg and around his back biting him at the base of the neck sending the man into a convulsion of pain and causing him to drop his weapon, Finn wasted no time and used the opening to slit the mans throat. As the man dropped the other four bandits rushed Finn. The squirrel jump to the ground and weaved between the bandits feet  and up ones leg getting into there face right as they were about to swing their weapon giving Finn an opening the squirrel jumped to the next bandits hand biting a finger and running up his arm across the back and down his other arm before jumping to the next bandits back. The squirrel climbed up the woman's back onto her head and used it's claws to scratch her eyes out. As the squirrel was making the openings Finn wasted no time exploiting them using his rickety scimitar to land blows on the distracted bandits until there was only one woman left with a bow, she saw what the squirrel was doing and took aim at it, before Finn could flung his scimitar with all the force he could muster at the woman to knock the bow out of her hands, he then pulled his kindling knife from his pouch and charged her stabbing her in the gut a few times before backing off.

Finn stood in shock as the squirrel sat on one of the dead bandits faces looking up at him. It had saved his life and done something no one would ever believe. All Finn could manage to do is pull out a small apple he'd gotten from the orchard and drop it for the squirrel, who picked it up and ate it readily. As Finn walked home in a state of confusion the squirrel followed him keeping no less then three paces behind him.  The next morning Finn saw it sitting on his outside window waiting, he realized the squirrel was here to stay.


#14 Re: Out of Character Board » [whosonline ? » 2013-07-26 21:28:04

Lol, I just used it for the first time right now. I rather like it, if you see all the militia people are on you can figure that there is probably an event you missed and feel rather rubbish about it. On the other hand could really help if your character is looking for someone but they aren't on you don't have to spend a huge amount of time looking, you can just RP not being able to find them and move on for the moment.

#15 In Character Board » *A note tacked on the Mayors door* » 2013-07-26 00:03:47

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I urgently need to talk to you on several matters please contact me as soon as possible.

~Finn Herrik

#16 Re: Out of Character Board » Possible Silver nerf? » 2013-07-23 23:05:16

As we all die from OP necromancy and silver disappears lol. Honestly I've stopped using the silver weapon on anything that's not a player just for the repair reason cause I doubt anyones gonna let Finn get his hands on another, also considering he's made the connection between the lost relic and the sword he's never going to use it in front of the church. So use can start being limited by factors of characters, I'm sure the church will deem it a heretical action not to hand over silver weapons to the church eventually.

#17 In Character Board » Warning Notice at the Mine! » 2013-07-15 17:57:40

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The mine has become unstable and is closed for repairs until further notice, Go to the mountain!

~Finn Herrik

#18 Re: General Chatter » Babble Thread! » 2013-05-23 08:20:57

Anime: If your into feels Angel Beats I dare you not to cry!

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