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#2 In Character Board » They are coming.. » 2013-07-29 16:41:45

The Banker
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*Some days ago...*


The night air is chilling to the old frail mans touch, his escape from "justice" behind him as he sat close to his camp fire, his mutterings continuous as he looked around in the deadly silent night staring into the nothingness. They blamed him for the recent robberies.. him... yes he might have taken some coins here and there but what self righteous banker wouldn't? Sure he had been bribed by some of the militia folk to turn a blind eye here and there, again, it was all business.

But who the hell robs all of the bank boxes and leaves them open with all the loot in it?!

The bald man curses and grumbles some more as he places his hand over the small camp-fire, heating his frozen flesh once more. his furry cloak seems to get colder by the second, almost unnaturally so, his cursing and general incomprehensible mumbling increasing to a constant pitch of noise as he hurdles beneath the  cloaks furry inner lining as his teeth start to clack together rhythmically.

The old man thoughts start to wander, he knew if he had stuck around the deputy would have gotten him, dragged him in for a crime he never committed, yet he knew they would make him cry guilty with just a couple or prods. He hadn't become a banker for his bravery had he now? And with the militia being run by a absent sheriff and a corrupt command team he only knew well where he would end up if he had stayed. Ah well, he thought, everyone needs a banker...

A twig snapped, the man looked to his surroundings, the cold wind now entering his bones as the temperature dropped even further

They are coming..

The unmistakable moans of the living dead closed in, the man sat there, frozen, face slack in shock, the shambler approached him, it's rotten skin revealing putrid flesh barely covering it's inner organs, still the man just sat there... waiting.

#4 Re: Out Of Character Board » Feature Requests » 2013-05-21 16:27:58

More Zombies.... a lot more zombies...!

Had a looksie around and was only a couple of places they seemed to spawn and respawn, should be overall more dangerous for people such as our crafties to go certain places without a escort etc.

#6 Re: Out of Character Board » Contact Methods - What do you prefer? » 2013-05-21 13:04:59

I nickname people by numbers in their usefulness... I live a odd life.

#7 Re: In Character Board » The militia needs YOU! » 2013-05-20 19:46:54


Delivery of leather armour received Sheriff, we can equip a light scout of four people if they have their own weaponry for now.

The craftsman who delivered it was named Hew Phella and has priority on commissions in concern with leather work and tailoring with your permission when i comes to the militia.


Craystor, Captain

#8 In Character Board » The militia needs YOU! » 2013-05-20 15:09:42

The Banker
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*Couple of notices pinned around town*

Are you a craftsman?

Currently we are looking to commission 1 blacksmith, 1 tailor.

The Blacksmith who takes up this commission will create:
4 sets of full armour cast in iron. all weapons below also to be in iron.
4 swords (Quality is needed, however any type of sword will suffice)
4 maces (Same as with the Swords)
4 Rapiers (Any kind of knife)
4 shields (Any kind will do, we would prefer buckler size and good quality)
4 spears (As a parade arm the quality does not need to be exceptional)

We also offer the blacksmith who takes this order priority on all militia commissions from this day hence, meaning if we need any new equipment you will be our first choice. It also comes with partial protection for gathering, you can call on the local militia to help you mine, gather raw materials and protecting your shop. Price can be negotiated but we are willing to pay rather handsome amount of coin and raw goods on completion, this can be negotiated.

The tailor who takes up this commission.

4 sets of leather armour made in raw leather, cap included.
4 sets of kilts,
4 sets of sashes,
4 sets of medium sized boots.
4 thick cloaks made to wear during rain.

The same rules for the blacksmith applies to the tailor to take this commission.

Reply under this notice and we will be sure to contact you, or find us in the village, either the Sherif or myself, Craystor Rake, Captain of the new militia.


#9 Re: Out of Character Board » Economy » 2013-05-20 11:28:23

I am doing a lot of trade currently in the game between loads of different craftsmen, what I will do is write down over the next week or two the associated coins with each unit price and from there get a general estimate, dont have to follow it, but could be interesting to see whats valuable and what is not, this trend will change over time of course as people get armour but start to need new weapons, or suddenly a blacksmiths gets GM and can advertise their wares for even more due to durability/damage ecetera.

#10 Re: Out of Character Board » Economy » 2013-05-19 21:04:00

Currently what I find fun is finding people within the different crafts and trading with them. Whether I can offer them protection, goods, gold, whatever it is they need I can usually work a bit to get what I want in the end, which is enjoyable and creates the roleplay. Also it makes the actual blacksmith important, and the carpentar etc, even the miner and tinker as every skill is basically needed at some stage.

So in regards to what value "gold" has, its essentially what the person wants to price their goods at, its pure monopoly out there so if the blacksmith who can make that sword you need or want charges you 1000 gold, you better find the gold, or something he needs or intimidate him so much he bloody hands it over or his fingers get broken for being a greedy git !

So far from what I seen in the last 2 days it really works, people starting to interact and trade constantly, bows for ingots, tools for protection, basically taking a miner out to mine and you say I will get 20% of what you create and I will keep people (Damned criminals!) and zombies (Damned undead criminal!) off your back.

And then of course in the end backstab the miner, keep all the iron ingots and live happily ever after.

Each to their own.

#11 Re: Out of Character Board » Contact Methods - What do you prefer? » 2013-05-19 20:59:41

I am happy using steam, since its a good way to also get hold of people whilst they playing other games to see if they interested in a event coming up etc.

I still got my old icq from 11 years ago... but rather not use it.

#12 In Character Board » Report from the Captain (Left at the desk of the sherifs office) » 2013-05-19 20:49:58

The Banker
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Grave news in regards to scouting mission. We found the fort however they also found us, the girl was lucky to escape with her life running into danger without any armour or tactic, I escaped with slightly minor injuries and a rough beating.

We will need a stronger scouting unit to find out what we are up against, the girl knew of the area previously and says there might be a canon there, a working one, so perhaps we need to think how to capture such a extreme fortification, or whether we should perhaps negotiate with them?

The girl was seen to by the healer and should be combat ready soon, she might make a decent recruit with some discipline, however she is far too head strong as it currently stands,

Craystor, Captain.

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