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#1 Re: Out Of Character Board » Bug Reports » 2017-02-06 21:33:40

Unstacked loose different colored leather can't be combined. It shows up as 22 hides but you can't make things with it.

Turns out my source got the leather from cut up shoes... haha

Edit: Looks like some piles of 2 leather... I guess if you got 100 sheets from the same colour shoes then it might work... this might not be a bug smile

#2 Re: Out Of Character Board » Feature Requests » 2017-02-06 12:50:29

Just a few things

- dedicated bugs and feature forums for easy searching
- mobile forum skin

#3 Out of Character Board » Hello fellow travellers » 2017-01-17 10:10:40

Faden Wildheart
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Who's interested in coming back and trying out the new map?

#5 Out of Character Board » Donations » 2014-11-09 20:52:45

Faden Wildheart
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In mass tonight Hemrod mentioned about donating to get the town walls rebuilt etc and that made me think about some images I made awhile back which never got used.

The idea came from the world of warcraft gates of ahn'qiraj war effort quests where it showed the item and the progress.

Here's an example (I made quite a few images and it the bar goes from 0-100% and it's very simple to manage).

Let me know if you want to use anything like these on the forum:


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