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#2 Events » Patrol to the Blackwell Ruins and Swamp - Sun Jul 19 @ 1pm EST/6pm BMT » 2020-07-17 13:32:39

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Title: Patrol to the Blackwell Ruins and Swamp
Date: Sunday, July 19th, 2020
Time: 1pm EST/6pm BMT

#4 In Character Board » The Final Cleansing of the Pirate Fort » 2020-07-06 02:38:29

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In a final effort this afternoon the Royal Blackwell Guard and the Altmere Militia joined forces to raid, dismantle and weed out the final criminals and pirates in the fort to the North of Nottinbury Outpost in Blackwell. About 27,000 in gold was recovered with nearly 90% being sent back to Altmere in support. Weapons, goods and wares were distributed among those whom assisted in this the forts final cleansing.

In an unexpected moment upon making their way back to the Outpost the joint unit was ambushed by a troop of Covians seemingly attacking Nottinbury Outpost. The Royal Blackwell Guard and Altmere Militia made short work of the smaller military band.

It is now expected that the Royal Blackwell Guard and some Blackwell locals will begin the daunting task of rebuilding the Fort along with the Township of Blackwell on a whole.


#5 Events » Pirate Fort Clearing in Blackwell - July 5th, 2020 at 1pm EST/6pm BMT » 2020-07-03 13:53:48

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The Royal Blackwell Guard will be hosting a joint effort to make the final push and clear out the Pirate Fort. Reinforcements are on their way to Blackwell but until then we need your help. We've had success in pushing back the pirate hoard thus far, but there are a few stragglers who are still hiding in the fort and causing trouble in the area. Come by and assist if you have a sturdy blade or bow, or can apply bandages. Meet at the front gate of Nottinbury Outpost this Sunday at 1pm EST / 6pm BMT!!!


#6 In Character Board » Cutthroats and Captains (Report by E. Westcotte) » 2020-06-29 02:32:19

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Captain Davis told me to keep up the clearing of the Pirates to the North of the outpost. I managed to make it all the way into the pirate docks where I was met by two cutthroats and the Pirate Captain. I will say that there numbers seem to be reducing and the navy is doing their part. Won't be long before they're gone for good. All together collected 3575 gold pieces for the coffers.

#7 In Character Board » Marching Orders and Clearing the Undead (Report by E. Westcotte) » 2020-06-28 19:16:12

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General Fern sent out a pigeon in the afternoon asking us to line up at the stairs in the Outpost. When I arrived it was only Captain Davis waiting; apparently more trouble had cropped up at the pirate fort. Sergeant Major Flint had taken a small garrison of men to disburse the pirate hoard.

Although it was just Captain Davis and I; he still gave me a lesson in marching orders. We talked about the importance of formations and applying bandages to your brothers in arms.


After we had our marching in order we headed to Altmere; Captain Davis had word that the Altmere Militia was working on banishing some undead from the area around the town. When we arrived a more senior militiamen, Calder was his name, asked that Captain Davis provide some  basic training. After all Captain Davis was a military man and had formal training, as I did, in Britain.

Captain Davis gave them some basic orders and talked again about formation and healing.

After the short training we went out with the Altmere Militia. We went deep into the Undead caverns and disbursed the beasties swiftly. At one point the Calder fellow seem to disappear. Some kind of wytch evil sorcery. We managed to somehow bring him back but he was worse for ware.

In the end it was a successful joint mission and we were glad to assist the militia and the people of Altmere! We donated all the gold we looted back to the Altmere Militia, however I heard rumours a thief stole the loot before they put it in their coffers.

#8 In Character Board » ***A recruitment poster is nailed to a post near the bank*** » 2020-06-28 14:13:06

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Welcome to The Royal Blackwell Guard! We are a loyalist contingent deployed to the territories of Altmere known as The Royal Blackwell Guard. Our objective is to further restore order and peace to the  people of Blackwell. The Royal Blackwell Guard built Nottinbury Outpost upon their arrival and have since grown and expanded. This outpost is The Royal Blackwell Guards centre of operations where they train, and launch their patrols and outreach programmes throughout the surrounding area. Funded by the King, Lord Blackthorn; this development of Blackwell can only bring prosperity to the area with the new Guard looking to build homes and lives in town.

Are you tired of the bandits, pirates and orcs? Want to do something about it? Enlist today, and get a set of armour and weapon to hand, a warm place to stay and to serve your King proud. Land and a pension is awarded to Veterans of The Royal Blackwell Guard.

Pigeon Hole(s): Joseph Fern (Phyredup #0564) or Connor Davis (MB #6541)
(aka Discord)

Scroll Bag:
(aka E-mail)

#9 In Character Board » Power, Politics and Murder.. » 2020-06-28 12:59:54

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Chapter 1, Episode 1

Finally things seemed to be falling into place; the cadets had mended the last few holes in the palisade walls, the Keep had it's last few bricks laid, and the armoury was coming together with a few weapons, armour and other supplies. General Fern sat in his office and went over the paperwork that had been sent through in the days mail. The shipment usually came from Britain early in the morning on the first vessel carrying supplies to Nottinbury Outpost in Blackwell. The mailed scrolls from Britain always had a document from King Blackthorn that had outlined his vision for the area, general direction and other intel, tasks, and reports from all over Sosaria. Today's direction from the King had notation regarding the armourer; Dylan Nottinbury and his task to complete several hundred new blades, maces, and shields, as reinforcements were being dispatched from Britain in the coming months and a certain weekly quota had to be met.

Joe sent pigeons out asking that the leadership of the Royal Blackwell Guard held a meeting to discuss the quota and the weaponry that had been forged thus far. Once the pigeons were sent off he made his way down to the armoury. Walking in he was surprised to see his leadership team standing ready for him. They were a reliable bunch and often proved that to him.


Governor General Joe Fern was a military man of thirty plus years but still relied on his Captain; Connor Davis, his Sergeant Major; Flint, and his long time friend Tommy Nottinbury for their expertise and knowledge.

Tommy had served  along side Joe as a Besieger and later as a veteran in the Yew Guardsmen Militia for almost twenty five years, to say they were close would be an understatement. Tommy had no official title with the Royal Blackwell Guard but served as council to the Governor General and provided support and guidance to younger guards. Tommy and Joe were both of the same vintage and had some age in their eyes now.

Sergeant Major Flint was a bald and bearded man, although you didn't often see his bald head, he usually dawned a bear's head and skin that he had one of the craftsman fashion into a hat or mask of sorts. When the Iron Arms (King Blackthorn's expeditionary force) landed in Blackwell; Flint had set off into the woods and stumbled upon a grizzly bear which he quickly dispatched and brought the carcass back. Flint was as tough as nails and this is why General Fern had made him his Sergeant Major and authourity among his soldiers.

Captain Connor Davis was truly the inner workings of the Royal Blackwell Guard; the Captain was a tall and stocky man, he was a life long soldier and all of his family served the Royal Armies. He has expert knowledge of all things military, he was the operations of the keep and the Royal Blackwell Guard in general. Joe relied him, the captain was his right hand.

The four men stood in the keep's armoury holding torches and looking over chests of weapons and armour. The light flicked and flickered...

"Considering he's been working at it fer two weeks now, there ain' much ere. An' at that the blades and armour are nay of the quality the King expec's" General Fern noted.

Tommy replied quickly almost cutting Joe off "I told you he's not the smith that everyone says he is! You know how I feel about Dylan he's putting on some type of act to win favor with us and the King"

"Well somethin's to be done, when the King comes through to inspect us in the coming weeks he'll want to see our progress, we've been deployed here to help the people of Blackwell and that won't be happening with holes in our chainmail and dents in our blades." exclaimed Captain Davis. He shot out of the room almost upset and ready to carry on with some other pressing matter around the keep.


The meeting broke up and Joe made his way back up to his office, he threw the King's documents on his desk and sat, a little bit frustrated with the lack of Dylan's progress. He lit his pipe to try and relax, as he puffed he watched Dylan mining through his office window. He knew something wasn't right about Dylan, Tommy was right he wasn't the smith that he was made out to be, and he also wasn't the helpful, kind and willing man that he seemed to be for the past several weeks. Was he trying to win favor? Was he plotting some other act? Joe knew he had to find out, he knew there was more to the story.....

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