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*Wanted Posters Placed Around Altmere*

The following individuals are wanted within the territory of Altmere and its surrounding counties!

Jabari - 4,000
Last seen in Altmere

Mina - 5,000
Whereabouts Unknown

Arkanis - 5,000
Last seen in Blackwell County

Maria Vane - 7,500
Last seen west of Altmere

Lien Hawk - 7,500
Last seen in Blackwell County

Kurt Gallows - 7,500
Last seen southeast of Altmere

(OOC Notice: The posters are placed in high traffic areas around Altmere. Each poster contains a drawing or physical description of the criminal.

The bounties are being placed by Vernon Blackwell, the heir to a noble house and supporter of the Altmere rebellion.

He is using his wealth to help clean up the area due to a lack of proper law enforcement. The funding has been sent in advance to the Altmere bank to cover the cost of these bounties.

Proof of the kill will be on the bounties corpse. Simply bring it to the bank, place it in your bank box, and double click.

We ask [Not as a rule, simply as a strongly encouraged favor] that players exploring the world by themselves not kill more than one bounty per day, so as to give other players a chance to search for them. Happy Hunting!)

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Re: *Wanted Posters Placed Around Altmere*



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