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#1 Re: Out of Character Board » Weekly event » 2013-09-10 22:26:50

Varies a lot for me as well, depends on school and when I am ready to head to the Gym every day etc. But I am online almost every day, so should be able to join most of the events smile

#2 In Character Board » I require the service of a tinker and a carpentrer! » 2013-09-04 23:09:01

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I am in dire need of at least 50 made pickaxes!

and I would like to purchase 2 or 3 Quarterstaffs of at least exceptional quality.

Let me know if you can assist me.
- Lothar Dorain -

#4 In Character Board » "A note left in the Militia Barracks" » 2013-09-01 03:08:57

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To Mr Derek Lumbar,

Hail Derek Lumbar. I require an audience with you. After the request of the Church, I have some manners to discuss with you.

- Lothar Dorain -

#5 Re: In Character Board » The service of a Scribe is needed! » 2013-08-30 19:32:05

Very well. I will find you, Brother Laurence.

#7 In Character Board » The service of a Scribe is needed! » 2013-08-30 02:54:11

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I require the service of a Scribe... I need ye to make me approx 20 blank books.

- Kayin Draven -

#8 In Character Board » *Posters hanging around Blackwell* Purchasin' herbs! » 2013-08-29 13:58:04

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If ye have gathered herbs and are nay usin' them - I would like to buy them from ye.

-Kayin Draven-

#9 In Character Board » Tinker needed! » 2013-08-29 13:55:16

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I am in dire need of 5 kegs. Please contact if ye can assist me with this matter.

Kayin Draven.

#11 Re: Announcements » Latest Changes & Special Moves! » 2013-08-27 14:56:11

You are right, of course not everyone will have access to a lot of stamina potions.. that is why the huge timer on them might help to balance things out. People with refresh potions now will have a major advantage in PvP smile I am not a GM, I am an active player - I have access to a lot of reagents so this will be a big nerf for me too. I just want balanced PvP, not that PvP happends to often, but when it does smile
I trust that our GMs play on a fair level with all of us players.

And I am not saying I have all the right solutions - just theorycrafting and expressing my thoughts so far smile Your ideas might be the ones that will balance everything out smile

#12 Re: Announcements » Latest Changes & Special Moves! » 2013-08-27 13:28:12

Yeah, Int will Hurt undeads as well, no doubt about it smile But could be a nice change to human vs human fighting as well.. and actually makes you consider your Stats.

The extra stamina is of course gonna help Defiled, but I think the main problem is that there is no way to regain it.. Have to stand still after combat, just to regain stamina to be able to move, cannot eat one apple and pass through monsters if we get stuck - and we run out of steam pretty fast in battles.. Either we get stuck from getting hit and running around - or our stamina becomes so low that we cannot finish someone off before their bandages tick in smile

#13 Re: Announcements » Latest Changes & Special Moves! » 2013-08-26 23:52:34

Only meditation I think? Might give Leather-users a benefit against big plate users carrying shields! smile

#14 Re: Announcements » Latest Changes & Special Moves! » 2013-08-26 23:22:34

That could be fun smile

Just having these thoughts and ideas...

Human vs Defiled, now especially with the Special Moves even costing stamina - Humans are gonna have a big advantage since they can regain it wink

Also might it be something to consider to let Special Moves cost Mana instead? INT is currently a dumpstat for most. "Yeah, I go with 20 Int because then I can write in books.." .. Perhaps letting the intelligent/tactical fighter ( Less str+dex, more int ) have some benefits against the brute? ( Str+Dex, less int ) The tactical fighter will be able to use more special moves, but will have less HP and Stamina.
Not sure how everything will work out balance-wise, but ..

#15 Re: Announcements » Latest Changes & Special Moves! » 2013-08-26 21:30:42

Hmm, well the big timer on refresh potions might not be to bad - we must consider that we have two factions at the moment - the Defiled ones are really weak compared to Mortals, because they have no way to regain their stamina (...) a Defiled fighting against a pot-using mortal stand no chance at all.

#16 In Character Board » "A note lying close to Veronica Shaw..." » 2013-08-26 12:13:42

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When you read this, you have probably recovered your senses. You were knocked out at the forge close to Master Althalus' Inn. I had to defend your knocked-out body from shamblers - and get you to safety. I am holding unto your possessions. Seek me out when you want them back,

Kayin Draven.

#18 Re: Out Of Character Board » Feature Requests » 2013-08-24 16:19:13

I am not playing Defiled myself at the moment - but at the moment them seem to run out of steem way to fast without being able to recover stamina. 2-3 hits from a mace fighter and you are not a threat at all because of your drained stamina.. You attack way to slow after that to finish anyone off before they heal up with bandies/pots :=)
So some kind of regen should be give to Defiled players,

I agree with Haap on Defiled characters should be slightly stronger than humans, but its hard to balance things out.. so one undead cannot take on the entire village.

#21 Re: In Character Board » 1st Armsman Tournament this Saturday! » 2013-08-14 12:28:32

If I have some spare time from working at Master Althalus' Inn - I will be there!

- Kayin Draven -

(( Got work at the night club this weekend, so I might be able to play for 1 hour before I have to go ))

#24 Other Games » Anyone playing League of Legends? » 2013-08-13 01:22:19

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Topic says it all smile I am playing on the Europe West server if someone wish to play together smile

#25 Re: Out of Character Board » [Please Read] Creating your own RP » 2013-08-13 01:04:13

Ahh all right smile Damn I love player run shards <3 ^^

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