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S'a hammerin'.

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S'a hammerin'.
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The Blackwell Chronicles

- Militia Captain Craystor Rake arrested on charges of theft, corruption and conspiracy to murder.

- Several members of the militia and a few brave volunteers venture to the stone keep. Venturing inside, they fight their way through hordes of undead. They are plagued by a bone sorcerers who promise punishment for trespassing in their domain, but eventually gain the upper hand long enough to press on. The warriors venture onwards, eventually reaching freedom through a portal deep in the fortress. An artefact, a powerful sword is recovered from the throne room.

- An old, stone keep is discovered in the southwest; the building overrun with all manner of undead. Several notes are found on dead orcs, indicating that these undead legions are trying to form an alliance with the orcs.

- Samuel Baker is executed by hanging in a public spectacle. Protests about the lack of a trial are met with threats from the Sheriff.

- Sibyl Crow and Colin Hawk are found dead in the town square under a flickering street lamp. Sibyl is found stabbed through the back, while Colin is discovered alive, but dies shortly after of an overdose of an unknown narcotic.

- Samuel Baker, the leader of the local band of brigands, is captured by a posse led by bounty hunter Nathaniel Vane. Several members of the posse are injured, and one, Shipwright Arthur Stafford dies of injuries sustained in the raid.
- The fort's powder magazine explodes, showering the village with debris and destroying the much sought-after cannon.
- A madman, clearly afflicted with the plague, bargains for entry into the town. As he enters the gates, he bars them open, allowing dozens of undead to enter the Harbor District before he is slain and the doors closed. The wall is slightly damaged during efforts to burn the corpses.

- The villagers begin having strange and terrifying visions of a dark ritual being carried out by undead clad in blood-red robes. Speculation as to the meaning of this mass-hallucination runs wild.

- The leader of the same group of brigands continues his crime spree, being confronted individually by various townsfolk, but prevailing over and robbing each.
- A militia raid on the brigand lair nestled within the incomplete harbor fort fails to locate and capture their leader.

- A small group of brigands stages a series of robberies and assaults within the walls, wounding the tavernkeeper and almost killing a Templar Acolyte before being driven away. The leader of the gang escapes unscathed, despite a determined pursuit by the militia.
- Blackwell Plantation is purchased at the hefty price of 15,000 gold pieces, to be paid over time, by Maven Faulkner.

- A supply ship is wrecked by the coast of Blackwell. Concerned citizens salvage what supplies they can, before being attacked by brigands.

- The formation of the Altmere Regional Guard is officially announced. Report

- An infected refugee appears at the gates of Blackwell. Quick action is taken to amputate his bitten arm, but the man turns, and attacks physician Haggard Brown before being decapitated. A patrol to the guard post to look for the refugee's family accomplishes nothing, but lures several alligators to the village. Report
- An orcish mage is spotted terrorising some villagers, and an orcish raiding party attempts to steal some sheep. Report
- A scouting party investigating reports of the incomplete harbor fort having been occupied by brigands finds that this is indeed the case, and are severely injured in the ensuing skirmish. Report

- A messenger arrives from Cove, and announces that Blackwell will no longer be receiving external aid or resources. The messenger instructs Sheriff Hemrod Skagrin to coordinate the creation of a militia, and departs, leaving the citizens on their own.
- The Sheriff organises an expedition to investigate a report of undead in a cave to the north west of Blackwell. Report

[OOC] If you have any events you feel are worth adding to the time line, post 'em up! Common IC knowledge only, please. [/OOC]


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