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Marcus Kobra
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The Howling Dark

Joachim stirred in his bed, the covers pulled tight about him. The small house creaked and the roof rattled as the wind outside picked up. It was dreadful cold as he resolved to put on more clothes. He grabbed his armour and donned it stuffing any open space with bandages and other bits of cloth or animal hide. A thin layer of frost had formed on the eastern wall of his bedroom. He lit an extra candle and waited for the sun to peek the horizon. An hour passed and he could now tell by the waxing light that it was in fact snowing. The flakes fell in a semi steady flurry whipped by the wind. Once it grew light enough he wandered into the street the flame on his candle shielded by one hand as he walked hunched over in the wind and the cold. He gave an audible sigh as he reached the blacksmith and warmed himself by the hot coals of the forge. He waited now for the snow to abate and the sun to rise ever higher into the morning sky. No dew would greet the villagers of Blackwell this morn.

     The ground crunched with frost and grass broke beneath his feet as he hefted his axe and trudged into the woods. He knew the work would warm him, and he knew as well that he and everyone in town would need wood for fire. So he set about the miserable task of felling a few trees, the noise of his cutting in the wee hours attracted unwanted attention. A green skinned shambling zombie stumbled through the trees and grappled him. Joachim bit off a scream of fright thinking better of it as he grunted and the creature moaned pressing closer to him kept at bay by only his axe. The creature pressed him for a few moments more before he set his heels gave a slight bit then pushed back tipping the creature into the trunk of a tree. A quick swing of his axe planted it into the creatures skull ending its existence. He left it slumped there as he removed a bandage and cleaned the axe then lit the same on fire. He moved off a few feet and continued his work on another tree a wary eye peeled to the forest about him and a grim glare in his eyes.

Winter had come, Blackwell was -not- prepared.

((OOC: Not certain but I may have logged in for the first snow in Blackwell. Winter has come!))

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