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Patrol Report

With the increase of orc encampments growing closer and closer to the outer walls, I choose to stretch my outer wall patrol to the far northeast side of the wall. Having asked the company of Reznik to come with me, everything seemed rather normal. Bear and black dire wolves. Though on our way back we came across a rather larger than normal orc camp. Though most of the more common foot 'soldiers' that fell to blades. What concerned me was a larger smarter orc, though I would have tried to capture it, we engaged it in combat as it threatens us with more than normal understandable words but their 'unique' tone was still thick. Neither less to say, the threat was removed the camp destroyed. I would be strong to suggest careful exploration on the outside of the walls now as the orc threat seems more active. We both came to the conclusion that this 'intelligent' than normal giant orc was a possible leader figure or something a little more different. Or, just their champion we don't know hence the attempt to try and capture it but failed.

Elise Dorain



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