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Carolin's Diary: Entry 01/04/17

Carolin's Diary is made up of letter style entries that are written to her deceased mother.

Dear Mom,

Today, I got to put my archery skills to the test. One of the locals named Finn was looking to round up a few people to deal with some zombies and cultists south of the city. I volunteered to take a look with him. We managed to take down a few zombies on our own, but had to retreat to the safety inside the walls. After a bit, we managed to round up a few others to help us. Finn seemed very fixated on getting this done now. I think he was worried about them attacking the city first. We cleared out a ton of zombies, skeletons, some ghost thingeys, and what Chancellor Keres called a Lich. We're hoping to build barricades and possibly a wall in that area to stem the tide of undead. There was a lot more to the fight, but most of it has to do with the others on the raid.

I've met a lot of people in my life, but the few I've met over the last few weeks, are easily the most interesting. Most of the people on today's raid fall into the interesting box. Take Finn, he's easily the bravest man I've ever met. When the cultists came at us the first time, he made sure to get himself between me and the big nasty so I could escape. He put himself in harm's way even though it could have killed him. Then again, with how good he seems to be with several kinds of weapons, I could also not really have a feel for how strong he is.

Then there's Chancellor Keres. Chancellor Keres is, lets say different. He was the captain of the mage division of the army here in Altmere, but a lot of convoluted stuff has happened, and now he's the Chancellor and adviser to the Count. I have never seen someone act so casually in a fight. It was awe inspiring and terrifying at the same time. He dispatched zombie after zombie with such ease. It really made me feel small, like what I did in the fight didn't matter. And I guess you can say, what I did, didn't matter. I missed more than half my shots and I think I accidentally hit Finn at one point. If there's one thing I learned today, it's that I have a long way to go. I just hope I have time to get good enough to truly help out besides serving beers after the battle.

One of the others that joined was Eli. She's a powerful mage, but can also kick ass with a blade and shield it would seem. That seemed to be her weapon of choice in today's fight. In the few times I've met her at the Tavern, she's been really quiet. But the kind of quiet I sense from her is the same sense of quiet I sense when I serve some of the soldiers and mercs. I get the feeling she's seen and experienced a lot of the world's nastiness. I can sympathize with that. Wallside can be very cruel as you know more than anyone else mom.

There was another guy that went with us, who's name I've blocked out and have replaced it with Mister McChestStare. He says he was some kinda of merc, but when he fought it was all murder frenzy and laughing like a mad man. Then when we got back to town, he couldn't hold his liquor. After only a drink or two, he got all "Oh Carolin, you've got such great tits,". You know, the usual bull shit. He even took a swing at Dyre, but Dyre put him on his ass real quick. While he was out cold, I managed to get a few handfuls of gold from McChestStare's coin purse. I figure, he's gonna start shit in my Tavern, it's the price of admission. I'm just glad he didn't try to get all handsey. I'm gonna have a real nice talk with him the next time I catch him sober.

Bye for now mom, I'll write again to you soon.
Your daughter,
Carolin Argon


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