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The Altmeran Merchant's League Pricing Guidelines

Pricing Guideline
These prices have been based on an average price of similar items across the region so as to remain relevant.

In addition to being used to determine cost of an item, these prices will be used for when the AML and its members buy materials from local resource gatherers.

Iron = 0.5 gold per ingot.
Dull Copper = 1 gold per ingot.
Shadow Iron = 2 gold per ingot.
Copper = 3 gold per ingot.
Bronze = 5 gold per ingot.
Gold = 10 gold per ingot.
Agapite = 12 gold per ingot.
Verite = 15 gold per ingot.
Valorite = 25 gold per ingot.

Plain = 0.5 gold per strip.
Spined = 2 gold per strip.
Horned = 4 gold per strip.
Barbed= 6 gold per strip.

Diamonds = 10 gold per gem.
Gems = 5 gold per gem.
Glass Bottles = 3 gold per bottle.
Plain Cloth = 0.5 gold per yard, or 1 Gold per 2 yards
Reagents = 0.5 gold per plant, or 1 Gold per 2 reagents
Wood = 0.2 gold per board, or 1 Gold per 5 boards
Feathers = 0.1 gold per feather, or 1 Gold per 10 feathers

Items of Exquisite Quality may have their prices raised by up to 20% rounded up of the normal cost to make them. The League recommends the amount be based on your skill level in the craft for non combat items and for one’s skill in arms lore to determine the amount for Armor and Weapons. While ultimately one can charge the maximum regardless of their skill, it is the belief of the AML that the quality of products will speak for themselves and anyone inflating their prices without the skill to back up the price will ultimately sell less and only hurt their business.

The AML price guide allows for an inclusion of labor cost into the price items. This will be a flat rate of between 5-10 gold.

Repair fees will be a flat cost of between 0 and 3 gold regardless of the type of item.

Example Cost of an Exquisite Shadow Iron Longsword
Ingots Used: 8 Ingots
Shadow Iron Ingot Cost Per Ingot: 2 Gold
Materials Costs: 8x2= 16 Gold

Exquisite Cost Increase of 20%
16 Gold x 1.2 = 19.2
Rounded up to 20 Gold

Inclusion of Labor Cost of 7
20+7 = 27 Gold

Grand Total Cost of an Exquisite Shadow Iron Longsword: 27 Gold

-Severath Reznik


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