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To Wine & Dine - Maven Faulkner's Journal

By St. Greenie, am I glad to have stepped off that boat. While staying at sea may be safer, I don't think I could stand another wave or salted herring. We have landed in a little town called Blackwell, and it seems it will remain our home for the time to come. As it turns out, quite a bit longer than I had intended. But to start from the beginning: this not-quite-orc-infested bog-village had a little treasure hidden away, just waiting to be found. While I was outside the town walls picking my way through the orchard - these apples will make the most delightful pies, once I finally get my hands on some flour, that is - I came across a little vineyard. The grapes were rather unruly and need quite a bit of care, but they had promise none the less. Chance had it the town clergywoman found me there. When I heard that her family had brought the grapes down from the Westwood Abbey in Yew, I could not believe my ears. Perhaps I acted a little too quickly, but how should I watch a winery fall apart when it held the very grapes my family used to work before the Plague?


To cut a long story short, I stepped off deck a free woman and a few days later I threw myself several thousand gold into debt. I simply hope it doesn't come back to bite me in the rear - but with a little, alright a lot, of work and help from Elwyn, I should be able to start producing cider from the orchard and in time, sell my wine and cider to the entire town. Perhaps, once the pests outside are under control, even to other taverns further off; just imagine, if I could just close the right deals...


Speaking of deals, I have a business proposal to the Midnight Watch's owner to write. My first customer and I haven't made a bottle yet. Luck, please don't run out on me now.


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