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#1 2017-02-26 22:36:01

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Boxes, Poison, Crossbow Bolts and Metal Needed

To protect against having to go into the sewers again to fight off the rat person horde, I propose a simpler solution: The effective use of traps.
Admittedly we will have to go back down there to set them up, but this time I guarantee they won't come back!

Because this time, I'll set up all kinds of terrible traps and I'll poison everything they might be eating down there.
And for you common, sensible people - you won't have to go down to the sewers and get yourself killed anymore.

I need the following:

-10 wooden crates of any size. They need to have keys to them and I need the keys.
-100 iron ingots. I will accept donations of additional ingots if you wish to contribute to the common welfare of our town.
-40 crossbow bolts
-As much poison as possible. The stronger the better.

I am willing to trade for these items, but let's not forget these things live below all our feet, not just mine.



#2 2017-02-26 23:30:26

From: Canada
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Re: Boxes, Poison, Crossbow Bolts and Metal Needed

I can have the bolts done for you within the night for pick up at your desired time at day break. Can talk about trade or payment when I see you near the city center.




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