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#1 2017-05-05 18:17:45

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The Altmerean Merchant's League Charter

Today, I announce the formation of the Altmerean Merchant’s League. With more than half of the trade routes having dried up in recent weeks, we must ensure the economic stability of Altmere if we are to survive and have our gold remain relevant to the rest of the world. In the spirit of of this goal, we must establish and maintain a consistent value on our goods and services. That is the simple goal of the AML.

Merchants that choose to join the AML can benefit from the following if they adhere to the rules of the League.

Consistent Supply of materials and tools at a consistent price.
Access to facilities one might not be able to afford otherwise.
Financial Assistance for large scale projects that benefit the city of Altmere.
Receiving an initial investment into your business by the League in the form of currency or resources with a value of up to 500 gold.
The League’s backing in the event of theft or property damage.

The following rules are to be followed by the League’s members. Violation of these rules can lead to expulsion from the League and/or criminal charges of Fraud/Theft to be reported to the local authorities. The league leadership may also name you as an “Undesirable”. Those marked as such will not receive services or goods from AML members.

-Members of the Altmerean Merchant’s League will not knowingly purchase, craft, or handle stolen goods.

-Members of the AML will not provide services or trade with people named as “Undesirable” by the league.

-Members of the AML are to adhere to the pricing guidelines outlined in the Charter when selling and purchasing goods.

-The revision or adding of additional policies to the AML charter will be discussed at meetings that are open to all members and must pass with a vote of at least two thirds of  the number of those in attendance. This policy of discussion and voting may never be changed for any reason and any member proposing to do so should be considered as not having the best of intentions for the League and Altmere at heart.

-Members of the AML are to pay a small monthly due of 50 Gold or to the AML Guildhall. Flexibility in this can be established on case by case basis. These dues are useable by the AML to ensure the ability of the AML to provide the benefits listed above. Any other use without approval at a meeting with two thirds of those in attendance voting in favor will not be allowed.

-Any and all donations to the AML are to be treated in the same manner as “Dues”.

If you wish to join, sign your name on the copy of the Charter hanging outside the Razor's Edge Blacksmith Shop and see me at your earliest convenience. Please include your areas of crafting as well.

-Signed by Severath Reznik
Blacksmithing and Leathercraft

OOC: Put your character's name and declared crafts in a post below.


#2 2017-05-05 19:03:12

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Re: The Altmerean Merchant's League Charter

Second Bit Posted Right below the Charter.

I will be making a sizable donation of Gold and Resources to the AML to get it off the ground. Also, the first two Tinkerers and Fletchers to join will be guaranteed the maximum investment amount. These two crafts are severely lacking in Altmere and we need the demand to be filled.


#3 2017-05-05 19:26:22

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Re: The Altmerean Merchant's League Charter

I will offer my tinkering services to your initiative.

Danik Calmont


#4 2017-05-05 19:35:26

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Re: The Altmerean Merchant's League Charter

I suppose when am in town I can help out with Fletching bows arrows as well as some leather armors depending how my hunts go.




#5 2017-05-06 01:38:35

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Re: The Altmerean Merchant's League Charter

*A loopy, intricate signature is affixed in thin script in the members' section:*

Marah Ulfing


#6 2017-05-06 16:30:49

Brianna Keres
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Re: The Altmerean Merchant's League Charter

I hereby elect to join this league and provide Altmere with quality to surpass no other in the following craft:


And a functional, working service with the following craft(s):

Bowcraft & Fleching.

Quality not guaranteed on secondary craft items.

Daria Black,
Your local, go to, everything fix-it woman, and Blacksmith.

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