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Trade with Vesper // Pirate Crew Destroyed

Today - The Merchant's Guild was escorted by the militia to trade food from Altmerian farms to the Vesperians in exchange for what we need to bring our cannons to bear.
The food was bartered for by the Merchant's Guild in exchange for raw resources to fix old farm equipment destroyed in raids.
This caravan was conducted without uniform and at night to reduce likelihood of political fallout in the event we are seen to be trading openly with Vesper.

The caravan came under light orc attack before successfully reaching the border and making the trade.
En route back a light force of Covian scouts intercepted us - but they were defeated.

In an unexpected turn of events the pirate fleet again returned to threaten our city. This time cannons were brought to bear on their ship forcing a landing at an encampment north of the city. We took the fight to them there and summarily dispatched their entire crew - taking no prisoners.

Now Altmere has a meager supply of cannon shot - largely used up during the attack - with which to defend ourselves from future pirate attacks. But not enough for a sustained engagement.

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