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#1 2013-05-19 20:49:58

The Banker
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Report from the Captain (Left at the desk of the sherifs office)



Grave news in regards to scouting mission. We found the fort however they also found us, the girl was lucky to escape with her life running into danger without any armour or tactic, I escaped with slightly minor injuries and a rough beating.

We will need a stronger scouting unit to find out what we are up against, the girl knew of the area previously and says there might be a canon there, a working one, so perhaps we need to think how to capture such a extreme fortification, or whether we should perhaps negotiate with them?

The girl was seen to by the healer and should be combat ready soon, she might make a decent recruit with some discipline, however she is far too head strong as it currently stands,

Craystor, Captain.


#2 2013-05-20 22:27:18

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Re: Report from the Captain (Left at the desk of the sherifs office)

I've been aware of those brigands for some time now. They've kept to themselves for the most part, but lately they've grown bolder. We can not give them any reason to suspect that they can claim our town effortlessly. Word shall reach them soon, if it has not already, about Cove abandoning Blackwell and leaving us to fend for ourselves, which is why it is imperative for us to build a strong caste of men, equipped to defend us when the day comes that these brigands decide to come knocking in full force.

We'll need to double our efforts to build the militia, and keep vigilant over our gates.

Hemrod Skagrin, Sheriff of Blackwell.



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