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Empty Shadows

It wasn't even a full day after Rake was banished, free and alive. Or as alive as I've come to see him as, only hours later I found him in the forest where his banishment started. To my eyes did not fool me, as much as I wish they had lied to me. He was talking with them, The red robed one and the armored one. I didn't over hear much but I kept my distance, ' Master' he kept calling them 'master'. I had mix emotions by this point here, I knew that he had talked with them and made a deal just as I have. The armored one, turned to me in the shadows, I could feel those black holes burning into me. I froze, he called my name out. The shadows that hide me, were gone as I was left there looking at the three of them. Frozen, in fear or hate I don't know at the time.

I didn't know what to do, run away seemed like the simplest thing to do for any sane person but seeing him there looking for me in the dark. Human eyes that weren't used to the shadows like mine are, what happened next still got me thinking about it even now. They gave him a axe and told him to prove his worth to them, still frozen but to a different emotion. Confusion and betrayal. I watch him stumble around the axe swinging at the air, the building, and the ground looking for me to sink that blade into flesh. Though he had not pierced me with the axe blade he pierced me else where, the pain only grew.

Look at me, you may think you see, Who I really am but you'll never know me...

I must have blacked out after that, a feeling of free falling into darkness, but there was no fear no sorrow. Back in the real world, it felt like time had stopped when it was only a few seconds. A flash of blinding light then, a room lights up. My eyes focus then seeing the room and the two figures in front of me. A whimpering sound beside me, I look over and see Rake there frozen just as I was. I look back to the undead then, from there it went down hill. They told us to fight, and the winner will earn the gift. My mind was blank, by body reaction without me as I pull my dagger on rake and turn to him. The fear on his face, I hesitate. It's a lie, I tell myself he's just covering for his own life. You are worthless, let him kill you and be done with it.

My blade turns to ash, their voices fill the room then. It was a game to them, that was clear then. They were toying with us, trying to get us to kill each other for their amusement. Everything told me to just do it, but I couldn't not then. A cold touch then surrounds me, my leather shell was gone. I felt weak and open for the first time in a long time, I remained looking at Rake. They tell us to fight tooth and nail, they want it without metal or extra skin. Rake was the first to react a slow weakened punch, directed at me. I pause for a second, there was that pain again. Blocking it with my forearm, before sweeping out his legs putting him on the stone floor. My foot on his throat, a little pressure and I could have broken his neck, I still couldn't.

I looked down at him, that fake fear still there. It had to be fake, it was all fake. He will kill me if given the chance just kill him now and be done with it. I remove my boot then and look to the undead again, I refuse to take another life just for their amusement. They seemed displeased, it put a grin on my face. They make a bet now, pawns we were both just pawn in their little game. The loser would lose their soul to the victors 'master'. I should have expected this next part, it's happened to me so many times before. The shadow move within the room forming shadow figures. My world then reduced to shadow, yet I felt safe there my mind was at ease. My body once more reacted without me throwing the first attack on the nearest shadow.

Every day it's as if I play a part, Now I see if I wear a mask...

Next was expected, I lost. Yes I should have been terrified that I lost knowing the price, but I wasn't. Why wasn't I afraid to lose my soul, become a empty husk. Maybe because I am already am and am just looking for a meaning to exist now. The shadows fell back to the floor, my 'master' seemed displeased with me then. Rake's 'master' on the other hand was happy, my soul now belongs to him. He just needs to collect it. I kneel for the first time between those two defeated, my head hung in a bow. Why did it feel right, maybe it's because I understand what the amour one wanted from me now. Silence, unable to form words. I listen and watch, we get given another chance to prove ourselves who is worth the gift.

I must serve them, they offer me meaning and a existence. I look at Rake one last time before they vanish into shadow. He looks at me a emotion on his face I would never have thought I seen before or would ever see again. The locked door swings open, at our feet black bows. I collect mine and leave as Rake calls out my name, I don't look back. When I got to town I entered it. I feel more alone now then before, isolated, forgotten. I need to leave town, so I do so and go out to the inn. I hear the unmistakable animal slaughter then before going to see the sheep pen knowing what it was. The black robed man, there in the pen killing the sheep and goats. And there was Rake, as I approach both the undead and Rake look at me.

Oddly enough the Undead didn't attack as I made no movement to attack it, I just felt empty. Rake and I leave to go find him something to try and stay in for what ever life he has left in his life. And we found something that he could stay in, it wasn't much but it would have to do for now. We then get talking about the event that just happened before a women comes storming in, the black robed one following her in. She quickly escaped through the back window leaving me and Rake with the undead. Play, it kept saying. Another undead that just wanted to play with human lives, but again I felt nothing. Rake cowers beside me before moving back, the undead seemed to have been ignored me. Drawn to fear or something else Rake was giving off, I didn't care. Why didn't I care, I felt nothing but empty.

Must I pretend that I'm someone else for all time?...

The undead moves closer as rake moves more and more behind me, coward. No I should be doing that as well trying to escape from this undead fight back in a losing battle. I did the unthinkable, pulling out my blade I run it across my palm. The undead's attention snaps to me, drawn by the promise of fresh blood. I tell Rake to leave around the undead, as I hold me hand out to it. Rake runs, without a second thought. I watch the undead then sniff my hand, it's jaw opens and it's rotting tongue touching the wound. I expect infection, but still empty feelings as I listen to it sucking the blood away. Wanting it to just kill me, it then told me to leave when it was done. I start to before it follows me to the door, not attacking me just watching me.

Empty it was as empty as I was, I look at it felt no pity or fear just nothing. The glint of something in it's one eye, I leave to find Rake hiding in the trees. He looks at me then Hew at my back, a lost creature. I tell him I need to lead Hew else where then here. So I take us to the forest and kill a deer for it. It digs face first into the meat, ripping skin and fur from the muscles. Ripping at it like a animal on blood lust, I felt envy for it then. I don't know why, a hunger and a need started to bloom inside. I turn to leave before going back to where Rake was waiting, leaving Hew in the forest. Where he went from there I don't care. We talk a little more before a ill feeling washing over us both, something was there watching us. I don't care.

When all was said and done I left to go get some food and water, also leaving behind what needs to be. I plan to stick to at least one choice I made in life. Going back to the hide out I hear Rake in the other room, as I enter he looks at me as I look back. We sit in silence for some time before I break the silence, silence was safety. I leave then, go back to my room where it's dark. Shadows welcoming me back as I blow out the single light in my room. I lay in the bed looking at the clean bandage over the wound, was it infected? I don't know. Rolling over in the bed I try and sleep, something that's been coming harder and harder to me. I know what needs to be done, one of us is going to die. One to rot away to a empty husk of blood lust and hunger. The other mere food or dust. I will give up what ever is left of me to serve and do what needs to be done, I know this now. I accept the fate that the Guardian has for me.

Must there be a secret me I'm forced to hide?...

((Inspired from the song Three Days Grace- Get Out Alive ))

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Re: Empty Shadows

I go back to the hide out again to see how well Rake is adapting to his wild side out here. I knock on the door, as I hear movement inside before the door opens. Rake looked at me then before backing back to his desk. I enter the room and lean on the one table as I usually do now. Silence sinks around us, as he's scribbling something on the paper. I wait for him to finish as he looks up at me then. We make some small talk and he ask then how my tasks are going, my reply was that I couldn't find them just yet. Rake then asks me to go get some paper, easy enough. Knowing I could stop by the church and see if I can find the one person on the list I need to talk to.

I wish I could know if the directions that I take, and all the choices that I make won't end up all for nothing

I find him in the church, just as Rake said. Thin man, black wired hair, sort of reminds me of Rake to start with. He introduced himself as Lucian Cain, I gave him my name. He asked me what he can help me with, I tell him am just looking for paper. He seemed confused, I then very carefully try and get him to see of our common friend connection between us. I think he caught on then, as he leave the church and go back to the other building where we had a talk. A trade of information and that sort that Rake likes to get his hands on. None of it very much concerned me but I listen to the details. Not till Elise's name came up did I perk up to it, odd that this name would honestly. As he had nothing more to share I turn to leave before he catches my attention again making a sign with his fingers.

I knew what he wanted, payment for the information trade. Something that Rake didn't say, nor give over to Give Mr. Cain. I told him that I would come and find him later to Pay him, he seemed to have shifted like he didn't want to see me later. Did I scare him?, I sort of hope I do. I don't trust his sort. I leave town again, the crushing walls then eating away at me or so it felt like. As I move by the body rotting on the wind flies now feeding at it. I stare at it for a second getting closer, my limb joints starts to hurt where the connect to my torso. Nothing, that empty feeling or the lack of emotion.

Will the ending be ever coming suddenly?

As I leave town I head back to where Rake would be waiting, and we exchange the information. I bring up the fact that Cain expected to be payed, Rake taking out some gold coins handing them to me then. His hand touching mine, something stirred within. I put the gold in my bag then as I turn to watch him some more. Silence, it was growing thick again. It was fine with me I liked the quiet and the dark, helped ease my mind of something else that was growing at I watched the man in front of me. He was looking back at me as if he had something else on his mind as well. Still the silence hung in the room. He makes a movement then, gesturing for me to come over. I do without much thought on it as I watched his face. Still blank, a mask. Just like my own hiding his thoughts, Rake was always so hard to read.

Another conversation strikes up, I can't recall what it was as it was reduced to a mumble to my head as I watched his chest moving slightly under the leather tunic he wears. That feeling crops up again. He gets up moving around the Desk so I can better see all of him. Every detail become more and more clear. Word became unclear to be, only the blood rushing past my eardrums, thump thud thud thump thud thud. I blinked then looking back to his face seeing that he was still talking to me, I missed everything he had just said. But, I didn't ask him to repeat and just nodded my head in agreement to what I didn't hear.

Next he hugged me, it was unexpected for someone like Rake, I stiffened quickly hand on my kyriss. He just held me then, there was that feeling again, that feeling I didn't think I would see again.  A quick arm and wrist movement and the poisoned kryiss moves quickly toward his chest piercing the leather digging for his heart as she held him trapped. Pushing him into the wall and held him here, He blinks once as he feels the dagger entering him, his body unsure to the reaction he starts to panic beneath her, his voice letting screams of pain.  Moving to the side of his head whispering in his ear " It's okay my love.. you are safe now" I say. My voice startles even me, why would I say such words.

Will I ever get to see the ending to my story?

The dagger sliding deeper it's ridges cutting meat as poisons soak into his blood stream numbing him " No one can hurt you anymore... no reason to be afraid". Was this me The real me that was just unmasked or the feeling that were caged set free. The hunger peaked at the small of fresh blood. I need more fresh blood, Give me more blood. His eyes go wide as he gasps for breath, his body slowly being paralyzed, his last words uttered softly.."My.. love...?". I Hear his words, he seemed just as startled by my own voice as I was. His body starts to shake uncontrollably as the poison grabs him, his eyes wide in fear and panic as he stares at at me. I could see him dyeing, why was he dyeing. Had I not done enough to see him alive, what changed. Something happened, is this real?.

Letting the dagger go pushing it more with my chest as I reaches for him lifting his upper body up then holding him to my chest tightly like a lovers embrace " you are safe now my love... they can not take you from me now" holding him as I brush his hair from his face " I  will save you from you're fear... I will save you from them" *kissing the top of his forehead " I will save you from you're self" tightening my hold on his neck now with my arms. Only then did I see see the sickening dead flesh of the palm that Hew had feed from. Was it the infection doing this, yes it had to be. This isn't me is it?. " Soon we will be together for ever."His movements stop as his eyes remain open, staring at me... his whole body stops suddenly.. no breath or movement nothing at all.

So when and how will I know?

I feel the stillness as I loosen my grip slightly* "They will not have you" * reaching between them pulling out the Kryss, a quick motion to the neck slicing the skin open as I kissed the wound lips and tongue brushing the skin " you are only mine" lowering him down to the floor then, using my fingers closing his eye then " we will be together soon my love, wait only a little longer for me". Craystar Rake was dead, his blood pooling the wood boarding that. I lick my lips of the fresh blood, I need more. I look at the body then curling into it then as I did in life. Tucking in as far as I could laying there, with him " I love you". I sit there for awhile letting the blood soak into my leather, the blood turns cold as it wakes be up. I stand looking at the corpse beside me, Like I had just awoken from a bad dream.

No this was real, he was dead. Rake was dead, my eyes well up with tears then. I look at my hands covered in blood. " I did this" I said then as I look at Rake, he was dead. After everything I did to try and protect him, I killed him. "Oh Avatar am so Sorry Rake, Please please forgive me I..." no there was no point wasting what little left of me there was. Getting up I look at him before going through his bags, finding the twin black bow to my own. Slinging it over my shoulder. And the black key, the only thing he gave me. Picking up the key I hold it close to my chest then, it hurt so much. Why does a broken heart hurt so much, no it wasn't broken it was empty. The rot of betrayal growing and feeding on me.

How much further do I have to go?

I get up putting the key in my bag and pick up his body in a fireman like posture and leave the building. Going out to a clearing, I get some wood and place it around his body. "No They will not have you Rake" opening my lantern I pour some of the oil out and over his body and the wood. Lighting the oil as I step back. The fire starting to feed on flesh and oil bone and organ. The flames dancing in the night, the heat offers me very little comfort. I was more cold, alone, empty now then ever before. The skin peals away from bone and bone turns to ash. The fire dies down before flickering out. I hold the black keep in my bag tightly, " I am sorry my Love for my Betrayal" I leave then back to my dark empty room then. Covered in his Blood, the key close to what little of my heart beats.

How much longer until I finally know?

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Re: Empty Shadows

I sit where I killed him, my mind still showing me the image. Though the blood long cleaned, I can still scent the tiny amount that soaked into the wood. I can feel it eating away inside me, the hunger pushing every thought I have away. I look at my hand now, it's sick dead skin spreading. Soon it will kill me, make me what I hate and fear the most. The regret is eating away at me, faster then this infection it. I don't want to die with this broken heart in my chest I want it gone removed, destroyed. I feel even more alone now with you gone, this should have been you here writing these in you're book that you're always writing in not me. I don't want this life anymore, there is nothing. I think about what the armored one had said A few night ago in the Tavern outside town.


I Think I understand what he meant now, all of it. Am I ready?, Has the time come?. More questions without answers, I feel like I am ready to do what ever his plans are for me now. I wasn't ready when he first called, my humanity was to strong to give up. My love for you kept me from hurting you then, no not for their amusement. I wanted to protect you from them. I feel that I have, I hope they can not reach you now. I hope that you are safe and without fear. But with you gone, you took something with you. My humanity, I have nothing left but a rotting husk, empty and meaningless. Now I look for something, will this gift give me this?. Have I given up my humanity to save Humanity?. More questions then answers again. I am lost, I need guidance from something. The Avatar has forsaken me. I surrender my mind now empty, my body rotting, a broken heart to this cause as the owner was killed. My soul is already claimed and not mine to give, to who ever wants to take it.

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Re: Empty Shadows

I go back to town today, what I saw was rather interesting. A town gathering in the church for some sort of mass, I walked away not bothering with that sort of thing. What happened next peeks my attention seeing the girl Elise being taken out of the Church in the hands of the watchers. How interesting. When the rest of the towns folk come out it was nearing night and the darkness was creeping in. Sweet darkness of emptiness, and with it came the black rain.

The black rain is falling,
Destroying all in its path
Staining their souls,
Playing out its evil wrath,
None can escape
As it tumbles down-wards,
Spreading the evil
To gather in hoards,

I don't quite what came over me as I never heard those words before, I had a few turn to look at me then. Not sure why, had they not heard them before or was it something else. I payed no mind till Lucain walked up, asked me if I was okay. I could feel the lips curl into a grin then on my face, he was concerned but Lucain was a quick thinker and painted me as a drunk in front of the others. I frowned at first wanting to kill the twit, but then I got thinking to just play along with it. Before long Him and I left town to the inn, where I talked with him. He was still going on about Rakes missing, another grin forms.

As the sky turns to black
The red lightning shall flash
The ground shall burn
The world turns to ash,
The black rain continues,
Across the land,

People came in, nosy mortals. All these interruptions of comings and going. All looking for Alth, no I wasn't buying it. There were there watching me Judging me accusing eyes. Cut them out, it sounded like a good idea to me. But they thinned out and I was sure that no one else came in. Holding his hand in mine, no escape. My blade pierced my overlaying hand on top of his as I feel it go through my hand. The infected skin gave no pain as he felt and reacted to it. Just as Rake did, surprised. I watched his face morph into pain, twisting with fear for a few seconds. The sweet pain and fear, I want more. I Tell him that Rake will not be joining up any more, I tell him I ran my dagger into his black sweet loving heart. Lucain flinched again, fear?. It's okay my dear Lucain, fear not me yet. You're day will come but not yet, for now I need you're help to help me help them. I pull the dagger from the table as more faces come into the inn, I notice the same face walk in the door. His eyes, some one was home, he knew. He knew what I was doing some how.

Creating chaos and feelings
Of which, we can never understand.
We watch it coming
See it plummeting from the skies,
Do nothing to prevent it
As the world around us dies.

I go back to town, and everyone else looked at me, again judging me. They knew they all knew, something. What, how?. They start mumbling to each other, what are they saying is it about me, do they know what are they saying. A paranoid feeling growing, this is what Rake was feeling. Oh my sweet Love, I understand. They gather around me talking with each other still. They know. I get up to stand and was quickly stopped by that man. As I turn around A crossbow is pointed at me. I felt empty then again no fear or worry. I look at Lucain, He told them. He told them, he must have. Betrayal, he will die. They take all my weapons but the twin black bows, I will not part with them to anyone but them. I go to the church prison in shackles, I had not been down here since that day so long ago it seems. The lead me to a dark room, the darkness welcoming it's cold embrace. The cuff my hands above me to the wall, that man sits in front of me. He knew.

For the rain is our sins
Those events we create
The damage and pollution
Things we have come to realize
But now it's too late.
The damage is done,

The questions start, I will not give up my masters to this man, nor my plans. He wants me to confirm my crimes, no not now. As we spoke he seemed to grow a more sinister grin, who was he. The two watchers at his back watching him do this, before they leave. As they leave, that's when my Hell started. Questions start, with my lack of answers, he pulls a tooth out, the cooper taste of blood.  I told him of the note of the location of the silver sword, but not of it's direct location. No I can't. Pain then as my foot burns in oil and coal. It hurt, why did it hurt. I am still alive, feeling the pain. Next he asks me about the enemy, he asked about them. Again my lack of answer seemed to displease him, by other leg burns. Pain, again eating away at my mortal flesh. Make it stop taking it away, The flesh it's a cage a painful cage. He asks me where the sword is, I give him no answer then as he smiles evil in his eyes. He threatens Jake, no not Jake anyone else but him. I try and buy time, keep his attention on me. I am covered in flames then eating my flesh. My legs, my chest, my face, my hair, and my eyes. I fall into darkness as the mercy of water puts out the fire. This was the Fire that Kraven had spoken of. This was the time, I was ready.

The rain shall descend,
We can only watch it,
As it brings our end.

I told him then, nearly everything he wanted. Though I could not see him, I could feel his pity. Pain then, my chest as my heart bursts under the head of a crossbow bolt. I didn't need it anyway it was already broken and useless. The sharp pain and a bolt finds by mind, already twisted and malformed. Something tugged at my soul then, as I slipped away into blackness. Meriel Kelling was Gone.

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