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#1 In Character Board » Diary Entry July 8th, 2020 » 2020-07-09 02:57:31

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An entry in someone's diary

Dear Diary,

I feel more and more like everything is going to shit. Like holding onto hope is a fool's errand. Everyday there's always something sinister slithering from the shadows. One day it's an evil mage building things out of who knows how many bodies of our people. The next it's an undead fortress. Then murders in our local tavern. Pirate raids...  *smudged ink where water marks appear*... our docks. Crime Syndicates from Cove. All while the Covians continue looming like an ever present tumor on the horizon. Why is the world like this? We just want to live in peace, but why does it feel like the world itself will never allow Altmere to be a peaceful place?

Everyday I push myself a little bit more. An extra patrol here. Helping someone there. I can feel myself stretching. Like the leather on a rack out in the sun. I'm so tired. I know it's not just me. The others are too. We all push ourselves so hard for the smallest inch of ground we gain. But the world keeps taking entire feet right back. I'm so tired. I'm tired of us getting seemingly nowhere. I'm tired of our victories creating a hole for whatever comes next to fill it. But most of all, I'm just plain tired of the false face of hope that I'm forced to put on. Of the fake smile I use to comfort others.

-No name signed

#2 In Character Board » Scouting Report: Eastern Forest and Mountains Threats » 2020-05-16 16:50:25

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A Report on the Marshal's Desk

The following were discovered during my recent scouting expedition into the Eastern Mountains and Forest.

The Eastern Mountains seem to be teeming with Orges, Trolls, and Ettins. Only a few seem to be dwelling outside of the mountain caves, but that could change at anytime. I will note that I saw a few Orges that seemed larger than the others. Perhaps some kind of Alpha Orge or Orge Lord? I cannot say the extent to which how deep the caverns go. I would advise miners avoid the area until more scouting can be performed with a larger party, so that we can figure out what spots are safe to mine. Last thing we need is to break through the walls of some large cavern that's packed with all kinds of nasties.

The Eastern Forest in the immediate vicinity of Altmere seems rather safe, minus the Covians of course. However the same cannot be said for the rest of the forest once you pass between the mountain and the coast. The dangers are numerous and varied. It stands to reason that there of course may be more, but I spotted the following.
-A small Ratmen Camp on the Far North Eastern portion of the forest, not far from the coast.
-Several Undead in the form of Headless Ones.
-A few Orges in which I once again spotted one of those "Ogre Lords" among them.
-There were also a few scattered Mogbats throughout the Forest, but they didn't seem to stick together.

I also spotted someone's home out in the Eastern Forest, on the North East sides of the mountains. I peeked my head in and found no one home, though it certainly looks like someone is living there. Given the dangers present in the area, they're either capable of fending off threats or they've been lucky enough to not attract attention.

-Signed Sorsha Ravenhart, Altmere Militia

#3 Re: In Character Board » Coffin Nail - Now Re-Opened » 2017-05-29 17:21:59

The Coffin Nail is also the first place in town to serve Argon Alcohols. All hand brewed by me, your favorite bar woman, Carolin. Ales and Cider now available with Liquors incoming and eventually wines if we can get a supply of grapes.

-Carolin Argon

#4 In Character Board » The AML Is Buying Materials » 2017-05-16 15:32:13

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Altmerean Merchant's League Bulletin Board

The AML is currently looking to stockpile the following materials. If you have any to sell, please see Severath Reznik.

Shadow Iron at 2 Gold per Ingot

Plain Leather at 1 Gold per 2 Strips

-Severath Reznik

#5 Re: In Character Board » The Altmerean Merchant's League Charter » 2017-05-05 19:03:12

Second Bit Posted Right below the Charter.

I will be making a sizable donation of Gold and Resources to the AML to get it off the ground. Also, the first two Tinkerers and Fletchers to join will be guaranteed the maximum investment amount. These two crafts are severely lacking in Altmere and we need the demand to be filled.

#6 In Character Board » The Altmeran Merchant's League Pricing Guidelines » 2017-05-05 18:35:47

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Pricing Guideline
These prices have been based on an average price of similar items across the region so as to remain relevant.

In addition to being used to determine cost of an item, these prices will be used for when the AML and its members buy materials from local resource gatherers.

Iron = 0.5 gold per ingot.
Dull Copper = 1 gold per ingot.
Shadow Iron = 2 gold per ingot.
Copper = 3 gold per ingot.
Bronze = 5 gold per ingot.
Gold = 10 gold per ingot.
Agapite = 12 gold per ingot.
Verite = 15 gold per ingot.
Valorite = 25 gold per ingot.

Plain = 0.5 gold per strip.
Spined = 2 gold per strip.
Horned = 4 gold per strip.
Barbed= 6 gold per strip.

Diamonds = 10 gold per gem.
Gems = 5 gold per gem.
Glass Bottles = 3 gold per bottle.
Plain Cloth = 0.5 gold per yard, or 1 Gold per 2 yards
Reagents = 0.5 gold per plant, or 1 Gold per 2 reagents
Wood = 0.2 gold per board, or 1 Gold per 5 boards
Feathers = 0.1 gold per feather, or 1 Gold per 10 feathers

Items of Exquisite Quality may have their prices raised by up to 20% rounded up of the normal cost to make them. The League recommends the amount be based on your skill level in the craft for non combat items and for one’s skill in arms lore to determine the amount for Armor and Weapons. While ultimately one can charge the maximum regardless of their skill, it is the belief of the AML that the quality of products will speak for themselves and anyone inflating their prices without the skill to back up the price will ultimately sell less and only hurt their business.

The AML price guide allows for an inclusion of labor cost into the price items. This will be a flat rate of between 5-10 gold.

Repair fees will be a flat cost of between 0 and 3 gold regardless of the type of item.

Example Cost of an Exquisite Shadow Iron Longsword
Ingots Used: 8 Ingots
Shadow Iron Ingot Cost Per Ingot: 2 Gold
Materials Costs: 8x2= 16 Gold

Exquisite Cost Increase of 20%
16 Gold x 1.2 = 19.2
Rounded up to 20 Gold

Inclusion of Labor Cost of 7
20+7 = 27 Gold

Grand Total Cost of an Exquisite Shadow Iron Longsword: 27 Gold

-Severath Reznik

#7 In Character Board » The Altmerean Merchant's League Charter » 2017-05-05 18:17:45

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Today, I announce the formation of the Altmerean Merchant’s League. With more than half of the trade routes having dried up in recent weeks, we must ensure the economic stability of Altmere if we are to survive and have our gold remain relevant to the rest of the world. In the spirit of of this goal, we must establish and maintain a consistent value on our goods and services. That is the simple goal of the AML.

Merchants that choose to join the AML can benefit from the following if they adhere to the rules of the League.

Consistent Supply of materials and tools at a consistent price.
Access to facilities one might not be able to afford otherwise.
Financial Assistance for large scale projects that benefit the city of Altmere.
Receiving an initial investment into your business by the League in the form of currency or resources with a value of up to 500 gold.
The League’s backing in the event of theft or property damage.

The following rules are to be followed by the League’s members. Violation of these rules can lead to expulsion from the League and/or criminal charges of Fraud/Theft to be reported to the local authorities. The league leadership may also name you as an “Undesirable”. Those marked as such will not receive services or goods from AML members.

-Members of the Altmerean Merchant’s League will not knowingly purchase, craft, or handle stolen goods.

-Members of the AML will not provide services or trade with people named as “Undesirable” by the league.

-Members of the AML are to adhere to the pricing guidelines outlined in the Charter when selling and purchasing goods.

-The revision or adding of additional policies to the AML charter will be discussed at meetings that are open to all members and must pass with a vote of at least two thirds of  the number of those in attendance. This policy of discussion and voting may never be changed for any reason and any member proposing to do so should be considered as not having the best of intentions for the League and Altmere at heart.

-Members of the AML are to pay a small monthly due of 50 Gold or to the AML Guildhall. Flexibility in this can be established on case by case basis. These dues are useable by the AML to ensure the ability of the AML to provide the benefits listed above. Any other use without approval at a meeting with two thirds of those in attendance voting in favor will not be allowed.

-Any and all donations to the AML are to be treated in the same manner as “Dues”.

If you wish to join, sign your name on the copy of the Charter hanging outside the Razor's Edge Blacksmith Shop and see me at your earliest convenience. Please include your areas of crafting as well.

-Signed by Severath Reznik
Blacksmithing and Leathercraft

OOC: Put your character's name and declared crafts in a post below.

#8 Re: In Character Board » Fire In Wallside and Rumors » 2017-04-27 07:24:21

For anyone that frequented the Public House, your character will notice that Carolin hasn't been showing up for her scheduled shifts. She worked there most evenings. None of the other employees seem to know where she is. Which to them seems weird since she always had a habit of showing up early and giving notice if anything weird was going on that could lead to her not being able to work a day.

#9 In Character Board » Fire In Wallside and Rumors » 2017-04-24 23:06:03

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On the day of April 24, just past noon, a large plum of black smoke can be seen rising from the Wallside area of Altmere. The kind of smoke that clearly defines a building burning to the ground.

If anyone goes to investigate, there is now a charred wreck where Carolin Argon's house used to be. You'll have to go in character to determine more from the wreckage.

The following is what is being heard on the street about it.

-People dressed in the colors of the Keres family burned the house down after shouting by Carolin could heard from inside the house.
-The group was supposedly hustling people for protection money, though anyone that gets pointed out as a target, refuses to talk to anyone about it.
-Some claim they didn't see Carolin leave the house while it was burning, while others claim they saw her flee, and one man even says he saw the group kill her and her dog, and throw their bodies into the fire.

#10 In Character Board » Poster: ALTMERE NEEDS MINERS, LUMBERJACKS, AND CARPENTERS. » 2017-04-10 18:06:38

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The following posters are pasted about town,


Are you a miner, lumberjack, or Carpenter? Then Altmere needs you. With the Orcs  from the west vanquished and the Undead temporarily pushed back, we must act. We must build a new wall to keep the city safe. Altmere needs every able bodied Miner, Lumberjack, and Carpenter that's willing to help get the job done. Your work of course will not go without pay and we plan to offer you a fair wage. Help keep Altmere safe. Help keep our home safe.

-Inquire with Severath Reznik, Master of the Forge, at The Razor's Edge Forge or at his home in the West End of Altmere.

#11 In Character Board » Poster on the Entrance to the Public House Tavern » 2017-04-03 17:36:08

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Sorry everyone

But we're closed today as we clean up a mess from a burglary. We'll reopen tomorrow.

-Staff Member, Carolin Argon

#12 In Character Board » Carolin's Diary: Entry 01/04/17 » 2017-04-02 05:20:27

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Carolin's Diary is made up of letter style entries that are written to her deceased mother.

Dear Mom,

Today, I got to put my archery skills to the test. One of the locals named Finn was looking to round up a few people to deal with some zombies and cultists south of the city. I volunteered to take a look with him. We managed to take down a few zombies on our own, but had to retreat to the safety inside the walls. After a bit, we managed to round up a few others to help us. Finn seemed very fixated on getting this done now. I think he was worried about them attacking the city first. We cleared out a ton of zombies, skeletons, some ghost thingeys, and what Chancellor Keres called a Lich. We're hoping to build barricades and possibly a wall in that area to stem the tide of undead. There was a lot more to the fight, but most of it has to do with the others on the raid.

I've met a lot of people in my life, but the few I've met over the last few weeks, are easily the most interesting. Most of the people on today's raid fall into the interesting box. Take Finn, he's easily the bravest man I've ever met. When the cultists came at us the first time, he made sure to get himself between me and the big nasty so I could escape. He put himself in harm's way even though it could have killed him. Then again, with how good he seems to be with several kinds of weapons, I could also not really have a feel for how strong he is.

Then there's Chancellor Keres. Chancellor Keres is, lets say different. He was the captain of the mage division of the army here in Altmere, but a lot of convoluted stuff has happened, and now he's the Chancellor and adviser to the Count. I have never seen someone act so casually in a fight. It was awe inspiring and terrifying at the same time. He dispatched zombie after zombie with such ease. It really made me feel small, like what I did in the fight didn't matter. And I guess you can say, what I did, didn't matter. I missed more than half my shots and I think I accidentally hit Finn at one point. If there's one thing I learned today, it's that I have a long way to go. I just hope I have time to get good enough to truly help out besides serving beers after the battle.

One of the others that joined was Eli. She's a powerful mage, but can also kick ass with a blade and shield it would seem. That seemed to be her weapon of choice in today's fight. In the few times I've met her at the Tavern, she's been really quiet. But the kind of quiet I sense from her is the same sense of quiet I sense when I serve some of the soldiers and mercs. I get the feeling she's seen and experienced a lot of the world's nastiness. I can sympathize with that. Wallside can be very cruel as you know more than anyone else mom.

There was another guy that went with us, who's name I've blocked out and have replaced it with Mister McChestStare. He says he was some kinda of merc, but when he fought it was all murder frenzy and laughing like a mad man. Then when we got back to town, he couldn't hold his liquor. After only a drink or two, he got all "Oh Carolin, you've got such great tits,". You know, the usual bull shit. He even took a swing at Dyre, but Dyre put him on his ass real quick. While he was out cold, I managed to get a few handfuls of gold from McChestStare's coin purse. I figure, he's gonna start shit in my Tavern, it's the price of admission. I'm just glad he didn't try to get all handsey. I'm gonna have a real nice talk with him the next time I catch him sober.

Bye for now mom, I'll write again to you soon.
Your daughter,
Carolin Argon

#13 Trading Post » Bags and Pouch Sale at the Razor's Edge » 2017-03-01 14:25:19

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A few posters around Altmere


In my efforts to better learn Leathercraft and provide an all in one place to buy armor in Altmere, I have an extreme amount of leather bags and backpack pouches on hand. So, I'm dropping all the labor fees on bags and pouches from now until the close of business on March 8th! That's only 2 gold per bag or pouch! So, if you're tired of stuffing everything into a pouchless backpack or a thief has snatched your coin purse recently, come on over to the Razor's Edge and snag yourself a tremendous saving.

-Severath Reznik, Owner and Proprietor of The Razor's Edge Blacksmith Shop

#14 Trading Post » Carpenters Wanted » 2017-02-26 14:28:32

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I am currently in need of one or two skilled carpenters. I have recently finished construction of my home on the west end of the Altmere, but now comes the task of furnishing it. If you are interested in this job opportunity, please see me at your earliest convenience.

Thank you,
-Severath Reznik

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