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S'a hammerin'.

#1 2014-10-24 12:58:31

S'a hammerin'.
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New burglary rule

The last time we had the server up and running, we had a big problem with burglary getting out of hand.

From now on, players with houses are encouraged to keep a yellow bag/chest (even hidden within other containers) that contain valuables they're happy with having stolen. Thieves are encouraged to only steal from these bags.

This is a difficult thing to enforce, but nobody likes logging in to find out everything they've worked for is gone, especially if IC they would have been at home while they were logged out, and thus have line of sight on the containers that got emptied.

I hope this is a fair compromise that will still give burglars something to do, while protecting players from having their containers dry-looted.

See the rules page for more information.


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