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S'a hammerin'.

#1 2013-08-01 20:53:34

S'a hammerin'.
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Latest Changes


* Disguise kits are now single use
* You can now only accumulate 15 skill scrolls while offline
* Injury points now decay at a rate of 1 per 2 hours
* You can now only get 20 injury points before permadeath


  * Prevent multiple mines from being placed on the same tile
  * Show target cursor for mine placement
  * Removed mining skill check from treasure hunting
  * Code support for decaying injury points of offline characters
  * Being killed by the environment/traps now causes a base of 3 injury points
  * Tinkers can now trap chests that are not in their packs
  * Passive detect range on traps now scales to your Detect Hidden skill
  * Passive detect chance on traps is now 1/2 of your Detect Hidden skill
  * Active detect chance on traps is now just your Detect Hidden skill
  * Mines now cost 40 iron ingots each rather than 10


  * Orcs no longer drop the orcish kin mask
  * Spirit Speak should now cost 6 mana rather than 10 when not chanelling from a corpse
  * Removed location based growth restrictions on plants
  * Added throwing axes to blacksmithing menu
  * Removed Sai from blacksmithing menu


  * Special zombie spawners that only activate in the dark
  * Made night times even darker
  * Got rid of the more outrageous green thorn effects
  * Digging with a shovel can now yield seeds and fertile dirt
  * Digging with a shovel now has a lower chance of finding gold coins
  * Carpenters can now make plant pots
  * Defiled Rewards are no longer salvageable
  * Added a functional town bell


#2 2013-08-01 21:19:09

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Re: Latest Changes

Such a busy bee. Thanks for working hard!


#3 2013-08-01 21:57:44

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Re: Latest Changes

Dis shard keps geddin mitiyer an mitiyer


#4 2013-08-05 15:07:05

From: Norway
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Re: Latest Changes

Looks very good smile

Nice work smile


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