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#1 Trading Post » Buying ingots! » 2020-05-03 16:14:35

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Let it be known that Edward Grouse is buying ingots of all types for top prices.

Prices per ingot:
Iron: 5
Dull copper: 6
Shadow iron: 7
Copper: 8
Bronze: 9
Gold: 10
Agapite: 11
Verite: 12
Valorite: 13

#2 Re: Information and Announcements » Change Log » 2020-04-26 12:52:58


* Drunk people will no longer turn in a random direction.
* Holiday foods will no longer give toothache, or speak when eaten.

#3 Information and Announcements » Change Log » 2020-04-25 14:23:06

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Note that there may be a delay between changes being listed here and being available on the server.


* When resurrecting, gain up to 70HP, capped at your max health.
* Changed some terminology to be more inclusive.
* Updated barding difficulty on sentient creatures.
* The stuck player option should now send players to one of two locations in Altmere.
* Stats should now be capped at 250.
* Characters can be deleted after 10 minutes, rather than 7 days.
* Restore old banking system.
* Updated item decay timer to 300 minutes.
* New players start with a mythic character token.
* Removed the young player status.
* New players no longer get a young player ticket.
* Players are set to accept guild invites by default.
* Players can now check their injury level by targeting themselves with the anatomy skill.
* Players should now be able to have two accounts per IP.
* Disguises can be removed by targeting yourself with an oil cloth.
* Removed ability to add certain scrolls to spellbooks.
* Updated NPC sell/buy lists and prices.
* Added new monster and NPC types.
* Darker darks.
* Set the guild registration cost to 5,000.

#9 In Character Board » A gruesome attack during mass. » 2014-11-17 22:47:15

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It was a dangerous day in Blackwell yesterday. An undead and orcish attack tore through the town, killing one and injuring several.

Avatar have mercy!


#10 Re: Announcements » Change Log » 2014-11-10 17:56:47

- Hunger/thirst now split their penalty across the stats, reducing the overall penalty.
- High level monsters now have a chance of dropping [REDACTED]

#11 Re: Announcements » Change Log » 2014-11-03 19:56:42

- Hunger/thirst don't take effect until you've lost 5 points
- There are now messages when drinking

#12 In Character Board » Undead! Thieves! Crime and punishment! » 2014-11-02 14:16:27

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An eventful evening in Blackwell as Derek combats threats both supernatural and mundane.


#13 Re: Announcements » Change Log » 2014-11-01 13:54:23

- Hunger / thirst penalties no longer apply to undead
- Skill scrolls can now be stacked
- Using anatomy on yourself now tells you how thirsty you are, but anatomy no longer provides solid numbers on hunger/thirst.
- Drinking now gives removes five thirst instead of one

#14 Out of Character Board » BoC 10th anniversary gathering screenies » 2014-11-01 12:42:56

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Thanks to all who made it online! It was great repping the old country once again.


#18 In Character Board » Seeking witnesses for the trial of Craystor Rake » 2014-10-29 13:21:38

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Militia Captain Craystor Rake has been arrested on charges of:


We understand that many may have been affected by this man but due to his position, not dared to step forward.

We are seeking witnesses for the trial against him. If you have anything to say that may add weight to the scales of justice, please come forward now. He cannot hurt you from behind bars.

The trial will be held in the coming weeks, and justice will be done.

- Derek Lumbar

#19 Out of Character Board » Thanks, all! » 2014-10-29 08:35:03

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We had 8 people on for a solid few hours last night, and had some great activity! I have a bunch of screenies which I'll be compiling into reports this evening for those who missed the excitement.

Not bad for the shard's first week back up. smile

Tell your friends, and let's keep pushing Project Brains to new heights!

As always, be sure to leave any ideas in the feature requests thread.

- Egbert

#20 In Character Board » *A notice stuck on the wall in the tavern* » 2014-10-28 22:43:55

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WANTED: Silver Swords

REWARD: 20,000 gold pieces each.

See Derek Lumbar

#21 Re: Announcements » Change Log » 2014-10-26 16:05:11

- Hunger/thirst penalties

#22 Trade » Tyrell's Potions » 2014-10-26 14:05:24

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Potions and salves, all kinds!

Prices negotiable, bulk order discounts.

Also buying all herbs at one gold piece per sample!

- T. L.

#24 Out of Character Board » What has your character been up to? » 2014-10-24 13:02:28

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It's been over a year since Project Brains was last active, but we hope to pick up the story more or less where we left off. I thought it would be useful to have this thread for people to share a little bit of information about what they were doing in game during the end of the last period of activity, so we can hopefully get off to a running start!

For my part, I had Egbert trying hard and failing at kindling his illicit narcotics business, and Derek entrenched deep in the Rake vs. Finn and Jake controversy.

If you remember, please post yours!

#25 Announcements » New burglary rule » 2014-10-24 12:58:31

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The last time we had the server up and running, we had a big problem with burglary getting out of hand.

From now on, players with houses are encouraged to keep a yellow bag/chest (even hidden within other containers) that contain valuables they're happy with having stolen. Thieves are encouraged to only steal from these bags.

This is a difficult thing to enforce, but nobody likes logging in to find out everything they've worked for is gone, especially if IC they would have been at home while they were logged out, and thus have line of sight on the containers that got emptied.

I hope this is a fair compromise that will still give burglars something to do, while protecting players from having their containers dry-looted.

See the rules page for more information.

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